Rann Utsav – The Desert Festival Of Kutch


The Rann Utsav – Rann of Kutch ,Gujarat.

Dates: 9th Nov 2015 to 23rd Feb 2016
It is going to be a decade to the inception of the Rann Utsav or the Desert Festival in the Rann of Kutch. It still remains to be the most sought for desert festival for Indians as well as foreigners. The festival is going on right now and it would last till 23rd February 2016.

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The tourist draw of this desert carnival has only increased with time. This is because of the remarkable activities that take place in the open white desert area during the three months of Rannotsav.

Uniqueness of Rann Utsav

The miles and miles of white salt desert makes for a unique venue for such a dynamic and colourful festival. It is a pleasure to witness the desert festival during the full moon nights. This is one place where uniqueness and exclusiveness of Gujarat’s  art and craft is showcased at its best.  The talents of the local artisans, folk artists & musicians of Kutch, echoes for over the great Rann for a period of three months.

Have a wonderful time relishing on delicious Gujarati cuisine along with special dishes of Kutch. Explore the desert with a memorable camel safari. The incredibly decorated camels would surely stun you. You can camp near Dhorodo, a place in Banni grasslands. If you love embroidered stuff, this is the right place for you. Just amble in the nearby villages and get a glimpse of the wood carving, leather art and pottery.

Visit Kala Dungar and have a bird eye view of the largest salt pans in India. If you fancy trekking, you can even go for trekking at Kala Dungar.


The visitors generally stay at tents that are put up bordering the great White Rann. Every year almost 350 tents , of various capacities and facilities are put up for the guests.

rann utsav
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You are sure to find something suitable to your need and budget. You can have the once in a lifetime experience of staying in a tent amidst barren parched lands of Kutch at this desert festival. Lavish tents with all the modern amenities would change your perception about the stay in tents.

Visiting Nearby Areas

Once you have had the time of your life at Rannotsav, you can consider visiting the places around. There are many  organized tours for  local sightseeing including some religious sites in Kutch like the  Narayan Sarovar ,  the Kera Shiv Temple and the Modhera Sun Temple. You can also consider visiting some of the famous wildlife sanctuaries of Gujarat.

These places along with wildlife like bear, lions and foxes and are a bird watchers paradise during the winter months. You can go to Bhuj and have a look at the museums and cenotaphs or the beaches of Mandvi for a great time.

Plan a Visit

What can be a better excuse than 1st January 2016 if you wish to celebrate. How about wandering through Kutch and seeing Gujarat in its perfect look. The forts, beaches and other unique locations here are enough to enthral the visitors with their beauty.

Besides, Kutch is quite easily accessible from all the major cities too. Take a flight or train to Ahmedabad and reach Runn of Kutch by a cab or bus.

Make sure you have enough woollen, a fully loaded camera and binoculars. You can consider taking along trekking shoes too in case you may need it. All in all, if you are looking for an exotic destination for welcoming the new year or Christmas or just want to take a vacation that is different, your search zeroes down to Rannotsav.

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