Experience Pushkar Camel Fair 2015 – Rajasthan’s Most Famed Festival


In the  year 2015 Pushkar fair is going to be held on 18th November to 25th November 2015.

Pushkar  Camel Fair  is the largest cattle fair of India where farmers from Rajasthan and adjoining states come and meet to trade their camels and , horses and cows. But the highlight is on camels with more than 50,000 camels being bought and sold every year.

The Uniqueness of Pushkar Mela

It is the favourite place to visit for many foreign and Indian tourists alike owing to the vibrant Rajasthani culture that it brings alive. What is so special about Pushkar fair is that it is the hugest gathering for tribal people showcasing their culture and crafts.

The buying and selling of the camels are done within the first few days and then begins the celebrations and the festivities. Each day there are many  cultural programmes, different competitions like turban tying and tilak, kabaddi matches and camel race. Apart from this, you can even witness camel and horse dance over here.


1.Camel race contest marks the beginning of Pushkar Fair. The wonderfully decorated on the camels fetch a lot of attention while they compete for the first prize.

2. Turban tying contest of the locals and one purely for the foreigners

3. Then there are the longest moustache display, bridal competition,  matka phod competition and  Gorband – Camel decoration events.

5. More than a camel-trading event  it has now become an international tourist attraction with events such as tugs-ofwar or kabaddi matches of Indians against foreigners.

You can have an opportunity to see an attractive and zestful spectacle with Marwari men and women walking through in their bright traditional outfit. The transformation of Pushkar from a peaceful desert town to a vibrant cultural hot spot is overwhelming. The streets are packed with swarms of pilgrims, hawkers and thousands of tourists.

On 25th November, that is the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima, thousands of pilgrims take a ritual dip in the holy Pushkar Lake. It is certainly crowded but definitely worthwhile to experience it once in a lifetime.

Photographers are sure to have a marvellous time at Pushkar Camel Fair. The flurry of colour and activity in the sand dunes would undoubtedly give many memorable moments to the tourists.

Visit Pushkar to  get a glimpse of age old traditions , hubbub of colours, noise and commerce with a peek into spirituality too.

Note : If you wish to visit Pushkar, the month of Pushkar fair is undoubtedly the most suitable time but get the hotel bookings now to avoid problems at the last moment.

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