Picnic Spots In And Around Bangalore


This is the right time to step out of the house on the weekends and go for picnic. A picnic is always fun, be it with kids, friends or family. If you are the one who is bored and  fed up of visiting malls and movies every weekend, there are many picnic spots in and around Bangalore where you can go and reconnect with the nature.  Here is a list for all those picnic spots in and around Bangalore.

1. Lal Bagh

The botanical garden Lal Bagh situated in Bangalore itself is an awesome place to enjoy with kids and the entire family.

picnic spots in and around bangalore
Picnic Sports near Bangalore | Image source – Wikipedia

There are numerous kinds of trees over here. A magnificent rock that is assumed to be more than 3000 million years old is also housed over here.

2. Cubbon Park

Kids would have a lovely time at Cubbon Park. You can enjoy a toy train ride or boating too over here.

picnic spots in and around bangalore
Image source – Karnatakatravel

You can even visit the aquarium and doll museum around the park. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium and Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain are also located near Cubbon Park.     

3. Innovative Film city

Distance from Bangalore: 40 kms

The entertainment facilities of innovative film city make it an absolute delight to visit it for a picnic.

There are bungee jumping facilities along with mini golf field. It has something for people from every age group. It has special offers to attract school children.

4. Muthyala Maduvu

Distance from Bangalore: 43 kms

A soothing place situated amidst greenery and hills this is a serene and beautiful picnic spot. It is best to visit this place after the rains when the waterfall, that is otherwise just a trickle turns, into a beautiful 100 m cascade.

picnic spots in and around bangalore
Picnic Spots near Bangalore | Image source – Bengaluruonline

The jets of water at the bottom of this fall offers impression of a pond of pearls – Mathyala Maduvu  in Telugu. The transparent water would surely tempt you to take a dip.

5. Chikballapura

Distance from Bangalore: 59 kms

If you want to go for trekking or rock climbing or simply relax on a weekend, Chikballapura situated in the middle of five hills is a great  spot.

picnic spots in and around bangalore
Picnic Spots Near Bangalore | Image source – Wikipedia

The temples around this place also attracts lot many visitors. It is the perfect place for people who want to be in the lap of nature and have some fun.

6. Nandi Hills

Distance from Bangalore: 60 kms

Everyone in Bangalore has at least been here once. It is quite interesting to visit it during monsoons.

The lush green surroundings at Nandi Hills make it one of the most recommended picnic spots of this city. The ancient hill fort and the huge statue of Nandi are main attractions here.

7. Anthargange

Distance from Bangalore: 70 kms

Trekkers and rock climbers would find Anthargange as a heaven. You can even explore through the caves over here.

picnic spots in and around bangalore
Picnic Spots near Bangalore | Image source – Filmapia

It is relatively unexploited and that’s what makes it so special. If you are looking for a thrilling picnic experience, Anthargange is the place to be.

8. Muthathi

Distance from Bangalore: 100 kms

A nice little village in the banks of river Kaveri and surrounded by green hills and forests on all sides.

picnic spots in and around bangalore
Picnic Spots Near Bangalore | Image source – Wikipedia

This is simply a perfect picnic spot. You can also go inside the forest here and enjoy some great views and some deer sightings. This place is also known as the  “Elephant Corridor” due to the highest densities of wild elephants in the country.

9. Bheemeshwari

Distance from Bangalore: 106 kms

Situated by the river Cauvery, Bheemeshwari is a wonderful picnic spot for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

picnic spots in and around bangalore
Picnic Spots Near Bangalore | Image source – Teamouting

They even offer boating facilities. If you want to go for camping and trekking, Bheemeshwari would present some of the most beautiful sights to you.

10. Balmuri and Edmuri Waterfalls

Distance from Bangalore: 136 kms

The dam constructed across the River Kaveri gave rise to Balmuri and Edmuri falls.

The soothing green surroundings and fields around the dam make it a charming picnic spot for the entire family.

For people who have already been to the more commonly visited Bannerghatta National Park, Dodda Alada Mara, Wonder La the amusement park, Savanadurga and Shivagange Hills, you can plan a picnic to the places mentioned above.