One Day Trips near Delhi


Want to get away from the hectic city life? Sometimes just a day away from the bustling city is just what you may need to recharge. And that is why we have come up with some splendid places near Delhi to get away and relax. These places are just a short ride away and are definitely worth exploring.


Kuchesar village in Uttar Pradesh is just 80 kms away from Delhi. It was once a princely state is now a famous weekend destination popular for its Mud fort heritage hotel. The Mud Fort is an amazing place to spend a relaxing day, surrounded by 100-acre mango grove, big open verandas and huge courtyard.

One day trips around delhi
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The surroundings of this village are calm and serene and is a very good way of getting away from the hectic schedule of the city. 


At about 120 kms from Delhi, nestled amidst the Aravalli ranges on the Jaipur highway, lies Neemrana.

Neemarana’s beautiful valleys , lakes historical sites, hunting lodges and adventure activities make it a perfect day trip destination. The Neemrana Fort here is a six acres of fortified palace tiered over 14 levels and is a marvel to see and experience. Neemrana Fort Palace is is a place to pamper the senses, relax and feel the adrenaline rush too. The Flying Fox at Neemrana Fort is a must try for all adventure lovers.


Located at just 140 kms from Delhi, this is a very good one day getaway from Delhi.

One day trips around delhi
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Unchagaon situated in the banks of Ganga is a green paradis that offers  solitude and a perfect break from the city life. The Fort Unchagaon is an old fort  that has been transformed into a marvelous heritage hotel . If you are lucky you might spot crocodiles or even the famed Ganges dolphins while taking a lesuirely walk by the Ganges here.


At 150 kms away Bharatpur is a very popular tourist destination in Rajasthan, famed for its bird sanctuary.

Also known for its scenic beauty the major attraction is the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary where you can watch rare species of breeding and migratory birds and  rich flora & fauna. Leave Delhi early in the morning its just a 3 hour drive and you can spend a splendid day in Bharatpur and be back by night.


Mathura is the place where Lord Krishna was born and spent his childhood.

Vrindavan on the other hand is the spiritual townlocated at a distance of 15kms from Mathura. If you are looking for a spiritual one day trip from Delhi, then there is no better place than Mathura-Vrindavan. It is a land of temples and a perfect place to sink into spirituality. The most famous temples being the Govind Dev Temple, Krishna Balram Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Shahji Temple and Rangaji temple.


Haridwar, at a distance of 200 kms is the spiritual city where people from all across the country come for a holy dip in Ganga river.

One of the most ancient and sacred city of India, this is the perfect place if you are looking for a day’s spiritual getaway, leave Delhi early , take a holy dip in Ganga , soak in the spirituality, have awesome food of Haridwar and you can easily be back to Delhi by night.


Agra the city of eternal love, the abode of Taj Mahal – one of the wonders of the world is 210 kilometers away from Delhi. 

One day trips around delhi
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You can never have enough of it, Taj looks prettier every time you look at it. Take the Yamuna Experess highway and reach Agra in just 2.5 hours There are many private tours that are conducted from Delhi for a one day trip here. Also do not forget to try the famous Agra petha while here.


Lying between Jaipur and New Delhi, this National Park has various animals and plants and is 220 kilometers away from Delhi.

One day trips around delhi
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Earlier it was Maharaja of Alwar’s hunting reserve but now it is now home to Sambur, Blue Bulls, Spotted Deers and Leapords. You can definitely take your kids there as they will be thrilled to see the animals here. This area has beautiful forests and lots of Dhok trees. This was earlier an ideal habitat for tigers.


This is a beautiful city and has serene surroundings Chandigarh is just 246 kilimeters from Delhi.

One day trips around delhi
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Termed as the cleanest city, it is known globally for its urban design and architecture. There are several places here wherein you can have a good time with your family and friends. Take an open air bus ride to explore the city and eat the great food here to yours hearts content.

These are some of the places that you can visit from Delhi and come back the same night. Though it might get a bit hectic but it is quite possible and fun. No need to worry for overnight stays, just take a road trip or take a cab to these places that offer a welcome change of scenery.

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