Natyanjali Dance Festival 2016


Natyanjali Dance Festival, of Chidambaram Tamil Nadu is a magnificent celebration to glorify Lord Nataraj. This festival is dedicated to the Cosmic Dancer, Lord Nataraja, the dancing avatar of Lord Shiva. It is an annual event organized by the Tourism Department of Tamil Nadu along with the Natyanjali Trust that acknowledges dance in the most amazing manner.

Natyanjali Dance Festival
Image source – Facebook/Natyanjali Dance Festival

Date and Venue :

In 1st week of March, dates are yet to be confirmed. It is held  for five long days at the glorious Nataraj Temple of Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu.

Splendor of Natyanjali Dance Festival

Chidambaram is a beautiful tourist town by Bay of Bengal side town with lovely beaches. The Natyanjali Dance Festival held annually in Chidambaram is a huge platform for established and internationally reputed classical dancers as well as for amateur dancers.

The ancient Nataraj Temple is decorated so beautifully that it looks like the ideal venue for the stunning dance performances. The temple pillars have the absolutely spellbinding poises of Lord Nataraj showing the steps of Bharatnatyam. Built thousands of years ago, This temple is an  allure to the heritage lovers.

Expert dance performers from all over India and world head to Chidambaram to showcase their brilliant dance performances as an offering to Lord Nataraj. Their ethnic dresses exhibit the richness and diversity of Indian traditions. The backdrop of this ancient and architecturally excellent temple perfectly complements the brilliant dance shows. You would get to see the superb art performances of dance teachers and Gurus of all styles during the festival.

Natyanjali Dance Festival
Image source – Natyanjalidancefestival

Now Natyanjali Dance festival is also held at Kumbakonam, Thanjavur, Chennai, Nagapatinam, Mayavaram, Thirunallar and Thiruvanaikoil temples of Tamil Nadu.

Reaching Chidambaram

Chidambaram is connected well to the important cities of Tamil Nadu and is just 245 kms from Chennai. Puducherry is the nearest airport, around 60 kilometers from Chidambaram. Chidambaram has its own railhead. It is easily accessible by buses from all the nearby cities like Chennai and Pudecherry. Tiruchirappalli is about 170 kilometers from Chidambaram. The temple is hardly 10 minutes from the railway station of Chidabaram.

Stay and Food

You can avail a comfortable accommodation near the temple and have a great stay at various hotels and resorts in Chidambaram. Other than typical dosa and idly you can also enjoy great sea food here prepared in local style.

For anyone who sees dance as a passion, Natyanjali Dance Festival is a must visit. Have a spiritual connection with yourself through the breathtaking dance performances of the experts.