8 Upcoming Grooviest Music Festivals of India


Concerts of veteran artists and rock shows have received a huge impetus in India. Many musical festivals have also got immensely popular in the recent times. It is really great fun to be a part of the most happening musical festivities that win the hearts of millions of visitors worldwide.

1. Enchanted Valley Carnival, Aamby Valley City

When and Where: 18th December 2015 to 20th December 2015 in Aamby Valley City

Enchanted Valley is the perfect amalgamation of silent parties, bonfires, jam sessions, poi workshops, art and painting workshops and sports activities. You would get to attend the musical shows of some amazing performers during the carnival.

How to reach?

Aamby Valley can be reached from Mumbai and Pune. It is in vicinity to the famous hill station Lonavala.

2. Damru Festival Pune 2015

When and Where: 19th December 2015 and 20th December 2015 at Showtime Arena, Koregaon Park-Mudhwa Road, Pune

Dumru or Damru is a wonderful drum and percussion festival. Star talents would grace the occasion by their fabulous performances. Some of such stars would be Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, Ustad Taufiq Qureshi and Anubrata Chatterjee. It is a great platform for new talent too.

Image source - FacebookDumruFestival

Image source – FacebookDumruFestival

How to reach?

Reaching Pune is not much of a question as it is readily accessible through airways and railways. If you are in Mumbai or Ahmedabad, you can even consider driving to Pune.

3. Sunburn Goa 2015

When and Where: 27th December 2015 to 30th December 2015 at Small Vagator

Goa’s Sunburn Festival is looked forward by many youngsters and adults alike. Shopping, parties, drinks, delicious seafood, dance performances and music shows make Sunburn a grand festival in itself.

How to reach?

Vagator Beach is a splendid beach in North Goa with red-sandstone cliffs and silvery sands across the shore. You can easily reach Panaji through Dabolim International Airport or Madgaon railway station. It is easy to reach even if you hire a private cab or drive in your own car.

4. Storm festival Coorg

When and Where : 31st December 2015 and 1st January 2016 at Mercara Downs Golf Club, Madikeri, Coorg

Storm Festival of Coorg is a great way to experience nature, music, awesome barbeques and bonfires. Fusion & Folk, EDM, Bollywood and Camp Jam are some of the performances that would set the stage on fire.

How to reach?

You can reach to Bangalore, Mangalore and Mysore through train or flight. Coorg can be reached from Bangalore, Mangalore and Mysore through K.S.R.T.C. buses.

5. Sula Fest Nasik

When and Where: 6th and 7th February 2016 in the magnificent vineyards of Nasik

Melodious music, wine, drinks, food, fashion and shopping are the main highlights of Sula Fest by Sula Vineyards. It is a place where music comes together with all other temptations that are too hard to resist.

How to reach?

Nasik is easily accessible from the airport of Mumbai or you can consider travelling by train directly to Nasik. Roadways are also a good option if you are residing in a city nearby.

6. Ragasthan, Jaisalmer 2016

When and Where: 11th February 2016 to 14th February 2016 in the expanse of Khuri sand dunes near Jaisalmer

If you are a crazy music fan, Ragasthan is one of the most brilliant music festivals for you. For couples who have music as a common interest, Ragasthan is a great way to celebrate the coming Valentine’s Day. On site camping and adventure activities are the main highlights of this ecotour.

How to reach?

There are direct trains to Jaisalmer from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Jodhpur. Jodhpur is the nearest airport from Jaisalmer. You can even consider a drive through roadways that would offer a splendid view of Aravalli ranges.

7. Mahindra blues festival 2016

When and Where: February 2016

Mahindra Blues content begins from 5th December 2015. If you and your band can take the world of music industry by storm, Mahindra Blues is a great platform to showcase your talent. The date of the D-day and venue would be announced soon.

How to reach?

Mumbai is one of the biggest cities of India with easy accessibility through airways, railways or flight. Mumbai metro and local trains can be availed to reach the venue.

8. Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival

When and Where: March 25 – 27, 2016 at Baikunth Resort

Kasauli is a beautiful place amidst verdant surroundings where you can enjoy the Rhythm and Blues festival. It would surely get you grooving at the tunes of the wonderful music that flows in the air during the festival.

How to reach?
Chandigarh is the nearest airport to Kasauli. Kalka is the most accessible railhead. Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Amritsar are also well connected to this splendid hill station.

Music is sure to soothe your senses no matter how turbulent and chaotic your mind is. If you are looking for a break from your mundane routine, these music festivals are a brilliant idea to get some relaxation and refreshment. Breath in a bit of musical air as the year bids us a good bye and the new year welcomes us with open arms.

 Featured Image – Ragasthan, Jaisalmer