Kerala Village Fair 2016


Kerala Village Fair held at Kovalam is an amalgamation of history, tradition, art, culture and craft. It is held every year for 10 days in the mid week of January at the Kovalam beach.

Dates for 2016: 15th – 24th January 2016

The concept behind this festival is replication of an authentic Kerala Village for the visitors and offer them a glimpse of the age old traditions of Kerala. The serene beaches of Kovalam come alive with a village, complete with upper-class thatched houses (Nalukettu), artisan homesteads (Kamalagramam)and teashops (Chayakada)

About the Kerala Village Fair

The Nalukettu are old style mansions made of wood and tiles with long corridors, massive pillars, windows and open courtyards.The courtyards are decorated with conventional floral designs  called “Pookallam”.  Inside these houses there are exhibits of traditional jewelry, jewel boxes, unique paintings, teak-wood and Mahogany furniture, musical instruments, along with armours and swords used by the people in olden times. The houses are decorated beautifully and lights and lamps are put up illuminating the houses in the most exquisite way after dark.

Kamalagramam‘ deals with the artisans and their crafts. These showcase the best of Kerala’s artistic heritage as the artists display and sell their handicrafts and products here.

Another notable aspect about the Grammam is the ‘Chayakaddas’. The traditional tea stalls that serves traditional Kerala tea along with freshly cooked Kerala delicacies like Puttu, Appam, Kadala and tangy chutneys making your taste buds tingle.

As the winter sun sets in people gather at the open-air auditorium of the village where excellent folk performers put up fantastic shows. Here you can witness almost every type of dance, art and martial art form of Kerala.

The Grammam or the Kerala Village Fair is one of the most celebrated and awaited festivals of Kovalam each year.

Reaching The Kerala Village Fair

Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala is easily accessible through both railways and airways from all major cities of India. Kovalam is just 20 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram. You can hire a cab or even take a bus to reach Kovalam.

  • Place  – Kovalam, Kerala
  • Duration – 10 Days
  • Date – from Mid of January
  • Entrance Fee – Free

Kerala Village Fair

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For anyone who wishes to try something unique in the month of January, Kerala Village Festival 2016 is a good option.