Fun Things to Do in Hyderabad


Hyderabad has a lot of historical importance as the city of Nizams. Besides the monuments, you even have many fun things to do in Hyderabad. Listed below are some of the options you can consider for the same.

Learn Yachting and Kayaking

If you wish to take lessons in sailing, The Yacht Club of Hyderabad is the best option.

Fun Things to Do in Hyderabad
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The professionals of the organization strive to give you an insight into sailing in the best possible way. They facilitate yachting and kayaking for persons belonging to every age.To have a great feel of adventure, do not miss out on this opportunity if you are at Hyderabad.

Visit Shilparamam

Buying different handloom items and craft work from Shilparamam is a sure thing to do once you are at Hyderabad.

Make sure you bargain. It is an offbeat spot for tourists and gives them a unique experience. It gives you a rural feeling in an urban environment. Do not miss the night bazar here for the best bargains.

Heritage walk

For anyone who has a deep interest in history, Hyderabad has a wonderful heritage walk experience waiting.

Fun Things to Do in Hyderabad
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There is a possibility that you may miss out on a lot of historical places without taking this heritage walk. Charminar, Golconda Fort and devouring on the delicious street food near the fort are the highlights of this walk.

Gandipet Lake for bird watching

Visit Gandipet Lake during rainy season for the most amazing view.

Fun Things to Do in Hyderabad
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There are some varieties of migratory birds too but for that you have to visit the lake during January or February. Visit Chiklur Balaji Temple too nearby.

Morning Visit to Kondapur Botanical Garden

Kids as well as adults would have a great time at Kondapur Botanical Garden.

Fun Things to Do in Hyderabad
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Mongoose may also be seen scurrying around along with squirrels and some commonly spotted birds. Mornings are a great time to visit this garden to have a lung rejuvenation and see the nature at its best. Many plants can be seen. Some are labelled for visitors’ information.

Trek to Golconda Fort

Trek to Golconda Fort would feel totally worthwhile when you see the city from the top.

Fun Things to Do in Hyderabad
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You have to climb 800 steps to reach over here. The magnificent fort brings the memories of the past era alive. Enjoy the light and sound show too.

Visit Snow World

Beat the summer heat by visiting snow world and enjoy to your fullest.

Fun Things to Do in Hyderabad
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For an amazing snow experience, you ought to make a visit to Snow World. Just take care that you do not slip. Rest, it is a great place to visit. You can even try Go Karting near the place.

Rock walks

The rocky areas around Deccan plateau in Hyderabad present for excellent rock walks.

Fun Things to Do in Hyderabad
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Annual Hyderabad Rockathon and its activities like rappelling, rock balancing, rock photography and bouldering are some of the attractions for adventure freaks.

Spend a day at the sprawling Ramoji Film City

Splendid shows and beautiful film sets make Ramoji Film City totally  worth visiting.

Japanese Park and the Bird Park would leave you spellbound. Photographers would also have a great time over here.

Gorge on the Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani is something you cannot afford to miss once you are at Hyderabad.

Fun Things to Do in Hyderabad
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Try out Hotel Shadab and Pista House. Also do not forget the street food near Golconda Fort. Karachi bakery is also something you should not miss out on.

Shop For pearls

There are many shops for pearl jewellery in Hyderabad.

Similarly, the chudi market near Char Minar is also worth visiting. You can purchase beautiful pearl jewellery in different colours and hues from this city of pearls at prices up to 500 bucks.

These are some of the fun things to do on your visit to Hyderabad. If you have tried all of these things, you can head to Lumbini Park along the Hussain Sagar Lake and enjoy a laser show over there. There is a Japanese rock garden, dancing fountain and a grand floral clock. It is truly a spectacle to last in your memory forever.

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