Enjoy An Amazing Day out In Pune


Pune has a pleasant climate and is one of the greenest urban cities in India. The are plenty of outdoor as well as indoor places in Pune where you can go for an amazing day out and get recharged and refreshed.

Panshet Dam

An amazing water body with a  number of thrilling water sports like kayaking, wind surfing, speed- boats and water scooter rides.If you are a water-sports lover or a nature lover, Panshet dam is one of the best places for an amazing day out in Pune.

Day out places in Pune
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Khadakwasla lake & Peacock Bay

Located in the National Defense Academy, the first tri-service academy in the world, the lovely Peacock Bay is a part of  Khadakwasla dam’s lake.

Day out In Pune
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This lake is a venue for various water sports and a very serene natural place. This Khadakwasla lake is also a very popular picnic spot  for people of Pune.

Aga Khan Palace

The erstwhile palace of Sultan Mohammed Shah, where Mahatma Gandhi was once imprisoned , it holds the ashes of Gandhi and wife Kasturba.

Day out places in Pune
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ABC Cheese Farm

The first and only cheese farm in Pune, ABC Cheese farm produces 70 varieties of cheese each year. Taste , sample and buy the best cheese from among gorgonzola, mozzarella or try the modified varieties like whiskey and walnut, wine and raisin, coffee or cranberry cheese, while on a day out in Pune.

Day out In Pune
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Osho Ashram

The Osho commune international is unquestionably one of the most popular institutions for meditation and personal development and a must visit place while on a day out in Pune.

Day out In Pune
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MG Road

For all the shoppers the best way to spend an amazing day out in Pune is at MG Road This is a shoppers paradise and you can find just anything here.

Day out In Pune
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A market with Indian and Western stuff,  branded goods to the exquisite handicrafts , this place caters to each and every individual. M.G.Road also known as Camp or Main Street serves not only as a shoppers haven but also as a perfect place to window shop and eat amazing food!

Pataleshwar Temple

A rock-cut cave temple of Lord Shiva, carved out in the 8th century in the Rashtrakuta period. This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has many intricate cravings on the black rocks that are a part of the temple.

Day out In Pune
Image source – Wikipedia/Pataleshwar

This is a must visit for all those who want to see the ancient architecture while on a day out in Pune.

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

It has the collection of Dr. Dinkar G. Kelkar, dedicated to the memory of his son, Raja.

Day out places in Pune
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It is situated in the heart of the city and has a amazing collection of handicrafts, paintings, musical instruments and artifacts from all over the world from mainly 18th and 19th century.


Constructed in 1732, the Shaniwar Wada Palace Fort of the Maratha Dynasty is in the heart of Pune city. It covers more than acres area in central Pune.

Day out In Pune
Image source – Wikipedia/Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is a real specimen of Maratha culture and the architectural design and a great place to visit for the history buffs and kids as well.

Sinhagad Fort

Located 30 kms from Pune and situated on a hill which is 1312 meters above sea level and a major spot to visit while on a day out in Pune.

Day out In Pune
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Trekking in the day, picnics  and night trekking (specially on Saturday evenings) is famous in this fort.

Karla and Bhaja Caves

Just 40 kms away from Pune city, these caves are rock cut Buddhist caves, from 2nd century BC that houses fine sculpture carved on walls and ceilings.

Day out In Pune
Image source – Wikipedia/Bhaja Caves

These caves are about 2000 years old with intricate cravings and stupas inside. There are 22 or more caves in total and each one is worth exploring.

Nirvana Adventures

Best place for paragliding and adventure sports, perfect day out with family and friends.

Day out In Pune
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They offer paragliding courses too and it is a complete package with food and stay for the day.

Katraj Snake Farm

A place if you love reptiles , you can hold the snakes and roll them around the neck.
 Almost 160 species of snake can be seen here.

Parvati Hill

A popular place for Punites with 5 heritage temple on top of the hill. The temples dedicated to Godess Parvati are on a lovely hill and is one of the most scenic spots in Pune. There are 103 steps leading to the hill and besides the temple there is also a Peshwa Museum here.

Day out places in Pune
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Mulshi Agro Tourism

The green and lovely farm set in typical Maharshtrian environment is a wonderful spot for a family getaway or a friends day out in Pune. It gives one the feeling of staying in a rural environment in the natures lap. Enjoy a day picking vegetables, sleeping on a hammock with chirping birds under the mango groves and having great organic food.

Day out places in Pune

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These are just some of the places in Pune where you can go along with your kids, family or friends and enjoy a great day. There are also some amazing picnic spots in and around Pune that you can consider for a fun day out.