Cochin Carnival – A Festival of Delight and Merriment


Cochin Carnival is a must visit festival of Kerala. It is all about merriment that is celebrated at Fort Kochi during the last three weeks of December. The origin of this festival dates back to the time when Portuguese colonies prevailed over here. The Portuguese New Year revelry gave rise to this festival and it has metamorphosed into a unique festival over the years.


13th December 2015 to 31st December 2015 . On 1st January 2016, they would have the Colourful Carnival Rally.


Fort Kochi. It is an iconic place that portrays colonial India and takes us back to those times.

About Cochin Carnival, the festival everyone in Cochin looks forward to

Everyone gets busy preparing Cochin Fort for the big day since quite a few months. The fort gets decorated so amazingly that it is sure to leave everyone dazzled with its charm. If you are still not sure about your Christmas vacation trip, Cochin can be a great option for you. There are games, competitions, folk dance performances and beautifully adorned elephants enhancing the carnival even more.

Competitions like beach bike race, swimming in the sea, beach football and beach volleyball are organized. Everyone can participate and the winners gets great prizes too. Exuberance oozes out from everyone around which is a treat for the eyes.

Greet the New Year in a memorable way

Lots of fireworks are burst on 31st December midnight. On 1st January, there is a rally in which elephants are the luminaries and numerous talented artists showcase their mind blowing performances. You can even get to see dancers from northern states. They glorify the occasion even more and add a sense of secularity to the onlookers. The melodious amalgamation of notes from five different musical instruments known as Panchavadyam constantly plays in your ears.

Planning a visit

There are two junctions in Cochin and therefore it is not at all an issue to reach there via train. The venue is less than two hours drive from the International Airport of Cochin.It is easily accessible even through roadways from all major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Numerous accommodation options are available in Cochin according to your budget expectancy and luxury needs.

Getting around Cochin

If you are planning a trip to Cochin, you can consider extending your trip to the beautiful plantation getaway and hill station Munnar or the backwaters of Alleppey and try some mouthwatering Kerala delicacies.  Your vacation would not seem perfect if you go all the way to Cochin and come back without visiting the amazing nearby places to Kerala.

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