Annual Craft Fair in Pune- Bhimthadi Jatra 2015


Have you ever experienced a fair that gives you a pleasant village feeling? Well, Bhimthadi Jatra is one such fair. This is is most awaited annual craft fair in Pune. Amazingly decorated stalls of food and handicratfs, decked up bollock carts, traditionally dressed men and women as well as dancers and musicians add a touch of festivity to this fair. How can you miss out on such a happening event in Pune?

  • Date: 24th December to 27th December 2015
  • Venue: New Agriculture College Ground, Sinchannagar, Shivajinagar, Pune
Conception of Bhimthadi Jatra

The village market fair that was held on the banks of the river Bheema during the time of Peshvas gave birth to Bhimthadi Fair.

Main attractions 

Bhimthadi Jatra is definitely an event to be proud for. There are fabulous music, folk dance and folklore performances during the festival. You can have a glimpse of art and culture all at one place.  You can buy organic food items and spices at reasonable rates from this fair. This fair also showcases handlooms, handicrafts and authentic Maharashtrian food and other delicacies made several women-based organisations across the state.

There shall be  numerous  handicraft and artefacts stalls displayed by rural artists. Traditional saris, handmade quits, household decorative items, handmade shoes and jutis, jewellery are just  a few items that definitely make you shop till you drop.

Besides all the fun and frolic, this event even serves a social cause of women awareness. The Bhimthadi mission is to empower women, train and educate them to be independent entrepreneurs and provide them a platform.

For more details regarding stall booking and participation in this event, you can log onto their website.

People who are not able to decide what to do on the long Christmas weekend  can definitely consider this annual craft fair in  Pune as their  destination . Get ready to have a taste of culture, tradition, toothsome cuisines and entertainment at one stop with Bhimthadi Jatra. A unique experience of culture, fun and floric for kids and adults alike.

Feature Image Bhimthadijatra