Adventure Activities In and Around Chennai


Chennai, a place of crowded authenticity, artistic acuity, aesthetic beauty, explicit diversity; is largely known for all that it has to offer. Apart from the greenery around the city, the beaches, the rusty metro trains, the evening markets; there are many thing in and around Chennai that would lift the adventurous spirit oppressed inside you. Chennai is the right spot , if you are looking for some mind blowing adventure.Here’s a special list of top the best adventure activities in and around Chennai :

Scuba Diving

East Coast of India , has recently gained a lot of popularity among divers wishing to explore the waters here. India’s first and only East Coast Diving Center is located in Pondicherry- that is at just 2 hours drive from Chennai. Temple Adventures and Kallialey Surf School here , both offer both training and guidance to the first timers and the experienced divers here.

While in Pondicherry , you can dive at over 20 sites ranging from 12 meters to 40 meters depth. Some of the popular spots are Aravind’s Wall,  Cool Shark Reef, Ravines, 4 Corners, Danney’s Eel Sanctuary and The Hole, all thriving  with aquatic life.

What will you get to see–  A huge range of marine life and flora and a colourful coral reef. If luck favors you, dolphins, turtles and whale sharks can be enjoyed.

Best Time– January to June  &  September to November . Best Are Months of October and March


Just like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling is water based adventure activity that is hugely popular in Pondicherry. In snorkeling  you stay near the surface of the water and breathe with tube. No need of a oxygen tank or diving suit and it does not require training or expertise.

The diving  Some of the best spots for snorkeling in Pondicherry are 4 Corners , Aravind’s Wall, Shy Shark Reef and Ravines.

What will you get to see : the beauty of a coral reef,  abundant marine flora and fauna and marine life that might include dolphins, Manta Ray and Whale Shark , banners, butterflies, lion fish, barracudas and groupers

Best Time– January to June  &  September to November .


Pondicherry is slowly becoming popular for its parasailing activity. Here, you will feel the thrill while you soar  in the sky watching the world below.


The flight usually lasts for minimum a minute up to a max of five minutes and takes you to a height of approximately 25 meters.You will definitely experience an adrenaline rush after trying out this activity. Land-parasailing is the new thing here where the parachute is hooked  to a jeep.

Approximate charges- Rs.500 and minimum are  is above 12 years.

Best Season: November to February

Hang Gliding

Another air sport in the list  Hand gliding at the Nilgiris is one of the best in india. It is done using a synthetic sailing cloth converted into a non-motorized and light foot-launch aircraft. A little risky than the previous one, this is more fun too.

In summers, adventure lovers can opt for hang gliding at Kalhatty Ghats. It is definitely going to be an exhilarating experience for you as you fly over streams, beautiful waterfalls and dense shoals. There are certain organizers who would arrange this expedition for you

Best Season: February to May and September to November


When you talk about trekking, Chennai has lot to offer. Several options are offered to trek enthusiasts in Chennai whdere you can feel one with the nature. Some best options for trekking in Chennai are , Javadhu Hills, Tada Falls and Kolli Hills.

Tada Falls : The best season to visit here is from June to November. It is located at a distance of 80kms from Chennai and trek length is 10km

Kolli Hills : The best season to visit here is from February to December. It is located at a distance of around 357kms from Chennai and the trek length is 18kms

Sports Fishing

Chennai offers the best sport fishing experience to adventure lovers. If you love fishing, you must definitely stop b the Barracuda Bay and have a fabulous chance of seeing amazing aquatic life.

Here, sport fishermen would get to experience some mind boggling runs and strikes. There is no compromise on the safety here. You can use the following techniques here: Jigging, Popping and Trolling.

Best Season: All Year Round except rainy and stormy days


Angling is another type of fishing done in lakes and rivers using a hook which is attached to a line and the line attached to the fishing rod.

Being one of the best recreational activities, it gives you pleasure when done with family and friends. This is best known to be done at Royapuram of Chennai under the guidance of Anglers Fishing Tackles.

Best Season: All Round the Year. Early Morning


With plenty number of water bodies in and around Chennai, it is quite an obvious water sport one should experience.

The Tamil  Nadu Sailing Association a non- profit, non-political and non-sectarian association based in Chennai, has made sailing now affordable for everyone. its aim is its aim is to foster, encourage and train people in the sport of Sailing. Notable places for sailing around Chennai are Sulur Lake, Marina Beach and Uvari.

Best Season: September to November and February to April.


The best place for know and learn about surfing in the whole Tamil Nadu is the ‘Bay of Life Surfing and SUP’. in Kovalam Beach Chennai.

Kovalam beach in East Road Chennai is the revolutionary place where locals, the village fishermen and people from all over the world enjoy awesome surfing in  suitable sized waves.

Best Season : September to November and March to July (for professionals)

Off Roading

On the East Coast Road there is the ‘OffRoad Sports.’ This is one place where everyone above the age of 6 in your family can have fun.

This is one place that offers awesome Dirt biking experience (ATV Rides), jeep rides, Polaris Ranger rides  along with paintball, boating and range of other activities.

Best Season: All Throughout the Year Except rainy Days

So now you know that Chennai, other than offering awesome beaches and hill stations nearby is also a paradise for adventure sports lovers. So go out and get your  adrenaline rush and take some time off from the day to day life.