Tips for Perfect Wellness Vacation


Wellness and Health vacation or Healing Holiday -whatsoever you call it, is gaining popularity by the day. Whether you want to heal your body& mind, de-stress yourself completely, or just indulge in some pampering and relaxation – a Wellness Vacation or Retreat offers the best possible ways to get over the daily stress, feel rejuvenated and kick-start a healthy lifestyle.

These retreats and trips are designed to help you get into a fitness regimes,revive with spa therapies and also make eating healthy and incredibly delicious, too.

Therapies & Massages

Find out in details about the wellness therapies, treatments and massages (like Ayurveda Therapy, Yoga, Thai or Swedish Massage, Pilates Etc.) that the resort will be offering.

Wellness Vacation

Be sure to select a wellness hotel or a resort that suits your individual wellness goal and your taste. For a greta experience  its best to reserve one of the spa package services.

Hotel / Resort

Know the kind of hotel or resort you have selected for example: an intimate country inn, a family resort, a luxury hotel without children or a destination spa so that you are prepared for the stay.

Wellness Vacation

Also gather information about the location and the surroundings of the hotel well so that you can plan on how will you spend the days. Know if there are options of going shopping or sightseeing.

Food served

Know the kind of food served in the hotel:like vegetarian choice only, vegan food, international gourmet or basic and nutritious food. It needs to be noted that many wellness resorts and spa destinations do not allow alcohol and smoking.

Wellness Vacation


Lastly your budget, how long you stay and the type of accommodations you choose. There are various options of all-inclusive destination spa holidays. 

Wellness Vacation

There are packages where not only  the accommodation and meals are covered, but so are spa treatments and, in some cases, airport transfers. Off-season stays can bring costs down further. Remember – there are wellness resorts in every corner of the world that will fit into your budget and the choice of traveling far or near is completely unto you.

From yoga on the shores of Goa, Costa Rica, Miami or Los Angeles to scenic hikes in Europe and amazing beach side wellness resorts in Sri Lanka, Thailand and India there are unique wellness resorts in every corner of the globethat focus on every aspect of wellness for a truly unique and, most importantly, stress-free escape from life’s daily rules and grind.

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