8 Indulgent Wellness Spas in Jaipur


Jaipur is considered to be the finest destination in the world and is known for its rich heritage with ancient palaces and forts. A favorite tourist destination for long time Jaipur recently is becoming wellness tourist destination too.  Many foreigners and Indians alike who visit this beautiful city are keen towards the various holistic wellness therapies while on a holiday. Even the people staying in Jaipur are accepting the fact that a visit to a wellness spa is one of the best ways to de-stress. Given below are some of the best wellness spas in Jaipur:

1. Ganga Thai Spa

Ganga Thai Spa - Wellness SPA in Jaipur
Image Source – Ganga Thai SPA

The concept of this spa is offering authentic holistic services. Various relaxation therapies are offered starting from feet to the mind in pampering and luxurious environment.  It offers body treatments, foot reflexology, traditional therapies and massages. Not only would the guests feel relaxed but they will also feel very special out here.

2. Trident spa

Trident spa - Wellness Spas in Jaipur
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Subtle fragrances of  jasmine, lemongrass and lavender  touches your senses as you enter here. The tretaments and therapies here are are designed for rejuvenating, refreshing and renewing. One can experience a range of therapies from ayurvedic, Thai to many western spa therapies. All the masseurs are skilled with a caring touch. The therapies are designed in a way that it can be personalized depending on your need and body constitution. All the products used are natural and herbal. 

Location: Amber Fort Road, Opposite Jal Mahal.

3. Taj Spa at Rambagh Palace

Taj Spa at Rambagh Palace - Wellness Spas in Jaipur
Image Source – Taj Hotels

Taj Spa at Rambagh Palace is known for its pampered royalty.  They have 2 luxurious spa suite tents having a reflection of romantic and magical era. There are regal Indian love swings, royal pennants, glowing chandeliers and traditional rugs which add to the experience.  They have showers, soak tubs, charming outdoor relaxation hideaways  etc.

4. Sunrise Health Resort and Spa

Sunrise Health Resort and Spa - Wellness Spas in Jaipur

It has a green lipped environment and is perfect for rejuvenation and relaxation.  Spread over 15 acres of greenery the resort itself is enough to rejuvenate you. Sunrise spa is about a  spa experience that can be enjoyed with chirping of birds and nature by your side. It  offers a  zero pollution environment and is an  idealistic wellness destination.  It provides you with the perfect scope, right by the Jaipur city, to enjoy the total physical, spiritual and mental wellness experience with yoga, Ayurveda and other holistic therapies.

Location : illage Sar (Bilochi), Delhi-Chandwaji-Ajmer Bypass Express Highway

5. Akasa Spa

Akasa Spa - Wellness Spas in Jaipur
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Unmatched developmental expertise is offered by Akasa Wellness Solutions  in all areas of life-style, wellness and spa therapy. The spa specializes in a variety of services such as body treatments, lifestyle changes  and wellness therapies.

Location : Radisson Blue, Tonk Road.

6. The “O” Thai Spa

The O Thai Spa - Wellness Spas in Jaipur
Image Source – TRIPADVISOR

The “O”Thai Spa  is all about offering the best and the most holistic traditional Thai health  procedure with a blend of modern western therapies. The massages and the therapies here are designed and personalized to offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience to the body and soul.

Location: AC – 4C, Gayatri Marg, Sawai Jai Singh Highway, Bani Park

7. Kerala Ayurveda Kendra

Kerala Ayurveda Kendra - Wellness Spas in Jaipur
Image Source – GROUPON

One of the best places in Jaipur for traditional  ayurvedic massages and treatments . Kerala Ayurveda Kendra offers the most authentic Ayurveda therapies with holistic approach to health care. Here you can not only get therapies that are good for your skin and beauty but they also offer a host of Ayurvedic therapies for treating various ailments, stress and aches and pains. You can consult and ayurvedic physician who suggests the best therapies for you as per your individual constitution.

Location: F-30, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg – Azad Mar

8. O2 Spa

O2 Spa - Wellness Spas in Jaipur
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The O2 Spa in Marriot Jaipur is a beautiful and relaxing spa where one can enjoy Thai, Ayurvedic, Aromatherapy and Balinese massages that are indulgent , relaxing and pampering. The whole spa is lovely with a Rajasthani theme and the therapists are well trained and really very skilled. be sure to come out relaxed and rejuvenated after your visit here.

Location: Jaipur Marriott Hotel, Near Ashram Marg, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg

There are many other spas in Jaipur but we have chosen the best and the most relaxing spas that offer wellness and holistic therapies and massages.

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