Top 10 Tips to Stay Fit Despite a Busy Schedule


Staying fit has become imperative with the changing work schedules and fast lives. Health is Wealth. If you are fit mentally as well as physically, you can work more efficiently. Your performance at work would be better and praiseworthy. Staying fit does not take too much. It only requires that you give your body a bit of work out sessions. Given below are the top 10 tips to stay fit irrespective of how busy you are.

1. Take sufficient sleep

sleep - top 10 tips to stay fit
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After coming home tired because of job, do not keep awake watching the daily soaps or reality shows. Sleep early and wake up feeling fresh. Do not keep away post midnight chatting. Early to bed, early to rise is one of the important ways to stay healthy.

2. Choose smart work out options

Running - top 10 tips to stay fit
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Running and body weight exercises are good and efficient ways to stay fit if your routine is hectic. You cannot go for golfing or swimming everyday. For such people, these seem the most feasible work out options.

3. Yoga could be a good option for you

yoga - top 10 tips to stay fit
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If running is not possible for you, you can try Yoga. Choose a peaceful room at home and practice meditation or yogasanas at your convenience. Just make sure, you do it on empty stomach. Follow the inhalation and exhalation cycles properly in yoga. Only then, it would yield good results.

4. Have breakfast

breakfast - top 10 tips to stay fit
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Make sure you do not skip breakfast. It is said that breakfast is the most important when compared to supper, lunch or dinner. Include healthy salads and nutritious food in your breakfast.

5. Choose stairs over escalators and lifts

Use Stairs - top 10 tips to stay fit
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Life should not be sedentary. At work, almost everyone has to do their job sitting at one place. This can lead to obesity and lethargy. To avoid gaining too much weight and fat deposition, prefer climbing stairs if possible rather than the elevator or escalators.

6. Walk, whenever possible

Walking - top 10 tips to stay fit
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If you have to go to buy groceries to the nearby grocery store, do not disturb your car driver. You can certainly walk to the place and get the stuff you need. That way, you do body weight exercises too, by carrying the heavy grocery bags.

7. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday

Drink Water - top 10 tips to stay fit
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Do not feel lazy in drinking water. Water is an important component of human body. It helps in maintaining good kidney fitness too. The risk of kidney stones also reduces.

8. Include coarse food in your diet

Bananas - top 10 tips to stay fit
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The fibers in banana and other coarse food items help in maintaining healthy bowel habits. It goes a long way in staying physically sound. Have healthy snacks throughout the day.

9. Exercise while watching TV

Exercise while watching TV - top 10 tips to stay fit
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If you are simply watching TV, you can walk on the treadmill or do simple exercises while enjoying your favorite show. That way, you can stay fit while being entertained. Sounds good, doesn’t it? You would not even get bored doing the exhausting activities.

10. Once in a while, you can go to the Spa

SPA - top 10 tips to stay fit
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Get a naturopathy treatment or body massage or Ayurveda therapy. You can even take help of the physiotherapist over there. This can surely be done once every month or half-yearly.

These points are sure to give you an insight into healthy living. The additional point that can surely be included in the top 10 tips to stay fit is to avoid junk food. Avoid high calorie burgers, pizzas and too much of oily stuff. These points can be shared with your children too.