Most Unusual Ways to Keep Cool This Summers



Tips to Stay Cool on Summer

We all know about the basic Summer time rules like eating cooling foods, staying indoors, using the air conditioners and drinking lots of filtered water to keep the body hydrated. Here are some unusual tips to protect yousafe from the deadly heat.

1. Eat Cooling Food and Graze Through the Food

Don’t we all feel more hot after a big meal, it is best to eat in small portions, avoid protein laden food as it forces the body to increase metabolism heat. Have green leafy vegetables, hydrating fruits and vegetables and lean meat based diet at small intervals.

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2. Eat Spicy food.

Though this may be the last thing you want in hot weather, curries and chillies stimulate heat receptors in mouth, enhance circulation and increases  sweating, which in turn cools the body down.

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3. Cool Your Pulse Points

Chill your pulse points by running cold water for five seconds over your wrist every couple of hours, you can also do the same on your temples by splashing some cold water on your face. Since main veins passes through these area, it aids cool the blood.

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4. Mind Your Drinks

The  idea of chilled beer is really enticing but better  avoid too much alcohol as it dehydrates the body. Water or low-sugar fizzy drinks is a better option. Also avoid caffeine drinks like coffee and colas, they increase metabolic heat of body. Chrysanthemum tea is excellent as it is a cooling herb.

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5. Wear Tropical

Wear tropical style clothes  – lightweight, loose , cotton and linen. The Filipino Barong and  Mexican Guayabera and Indian Cotton Shirts are the perfect example of Summer wears that keep you cool and promotes air circulation to your skin.

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