10 Best Ways to De-Stress Effortlessly


De-Stress (Quick & Easy Ways)

These days everyone seems to breathing and living stress, you hardly come across a satisfied and happy soul with no stress. Whatever the reason might be,  it is very essential that you find quick and easy ways to de-stress yourself and here are 10 best ways for that.

1. Go for a Walk in Nature

Walk in Nature

While any walk can help to clear your head and make you relaxed walking in a green surrounding or a park can truly put your body and mind into a state of musing, due to a phenomenon recognized as “involuntary attention” that is a state of mind where something holds our attention, but concurrently allows  reflection.

2. Indulge in Deep Breathing Technique and Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

You don’t need specialized breathing techniques just taking a few deep breaths — this can help lessen tension and relieve stress. At the same time if you can meditate for some time every day it can work wonders in deleting stress from your life.

3. Get Away From The Screen

Away From The Screen

Incessant computer use builds up stress, effects sleep and even causes depression as per a study from the University of Gothenburg. In the same study, late night computer use has been associated with stress — in both men and women. So it is a must to take frequent breaks from the computer/tablet/ smartphone during the day and switch these off completely a few hours before bed.

4. Listen To some Good Music

Listen To some Good Music 1

Light and classical music has been proven to have calming effect — it lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate,  and even decreases levels of stress hormones and can pacify everyday anxiety . Research shows that it’s really beneficial for those who work under stressful events, like surgery.

5. Laughter

Give Your Teen the Best Start

Laughter is certainly the best medicine. It  lowers tension,, lifts up the mood , improves blood flow and the health of  heart. Watch a  funny video or hang out with funny friends , and you surely will be totally stress free for a while.

6. Pucker Up and Hug


A Kiss or day with some warm hugs can keep stress away. Kissing not only feels good, it’s good for your stress levels too. It relieves stress and releases epinephrine into your blood.

7. Sleep Well

Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep helps to tackle day to day stress more effortlessly. When tired and sleepless, a person is less patient and gets, angry, agitated and stressed easily. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

8. Get Some Change

Get Some Change

Changing your daily routine or trying something new — like a changed hairstyle — simple things like this can improve your attitude and mood drastically. You need to try out one easy-to-accomplish change at a time to ensure stress free time and happiness.

9. Eat More Fibres

Eat More Fibres

Low-fat, high-fibre, carbohydrate-rich meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables help to fight stress. They soothe us without draining our energy and provides us with the nutrients we need to boost our mind and mood.

10. Naam Yoga Hand Trick

Naam Yoga Hand Trick ( httpwww.businessinsider.com)

Rooted in Eastern Medicine, the Naam Yoga technique can be done on by oneself by applying pressure to a point on your middle finger, between your second and third knuckles and near where your finger and hand meet. This pressure technique  can create a sense of instant calm. So what’s stopping you Go ahead and try these  tricks to feel more relaxed, less fearful and more self-assured to solve those pressing problems.