Corporate Wellness Program Ideas


Interest in corporate wellness programs is high and growing. Corporate Wellness Program have got incorporated in many companies today. Most of the employers plan to allocate more resources to their corporate wellness programs in the next few years. Workplace wellness is a strategic imperative and it is even necessary for enhancing the productivity of the employees. Corporate wellness is successful only when it covers all aspects of the employee life. A brief idea on a complete corporate wellness programs is listed here.


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1. Onsite fitness classes

Personal training for physical fitness and workouts for the employees is a great idea to ensure their health. It gets quite hectic for the people to go to the gym or join a yoga class and exercise. Amidst the busy schedule, it is a prudent decision to have onsite fitness classes for them. Having a onsite gym or a yoga room can be a huge fitness boost for the employees.

2. Ergonomic work stations

Ergonomical design of the work stations reduces most of the stress that the workers have to face. Proper sitting posture and way of working eliminates the risk of occupational hazards too. Many of the disorders like cervical spondylitis are because of too much of standing and wrong working styles. Ergonomic work stations would make sure that employees stay away from such diseases.

3. Onsite preventive screenings

Screenings regarding the ill effects of smoking, drinking and other debilitating habits would instill a sense of determination and restrict the employees in having these addictions. It would give an impetus to healthy working place with hale and hearty professionals. Onsite preventive

4. Company Field day out

To have a break from the monotonous work schedules, taking the workers for a company field day out sounds a brilliant idea. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That quote is applicable in our professional life too. Give your employees some time off from work. They would surely appreciate it and return the favour by working hard at work.

5. Discounted Gym membership

If any of your employee wishes to join the gym, it would be even more encouraging if they are given a concession on the gym membership. Usually the registration money at the gym prevents many of the people from going there. Discounts and other offers can promote gym membership to a great extent.

6. Inter-departmental competitions

The corporate seniors can consider organizing healthy inter-departmental competitions that would encourage the staff members to work harder. “Employee of the month” or “Best member of the team” can also be announced to boost up the confidence of the winner and encourage others too, to put in their best efforts.


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7. Stress management program

Stress diminishes the performance of the employees. Have stress management programs and  that can help your employees to stay stress free and enjoy their work. Also the a stress management consultant with whom the employees can talk freely is also a good idea. Share ideas with them about how they can keep their worries away and stay mentally fit.

8. Employee Assistance Program

Corporate bottom line has benefited a lot from employee assistance programs. Adequately staffed employee assistance programs go a long way in establishing the mental fitness of employees.

9. Classes on  Mental alertness and fitness

Seminars and classes on mental fitness can encourage the employees to stay mentally fit and fine. Too much stress at work can badly affect the mental health of the professionals. Sessions on how to stay mentally alert and  fit and its practical applications would give the employees ideas for the same.


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10. Community activities

Community activities would help the employees in spending time with each other and maintain a work-life balance. Integration of community involvement encourages a healthy working environment.

11. Meditation workshops

Meditation workshops and Yoga sessions can be included in the corporate wellness programs. They would help the employees to stay at peace and discard the negative vibes in them.

12. “What is Spiritual Health” workshop

The significance of spiritual health should be taught to the employees through special workshops and symposiums. If an employee is spiritually healthy, he can give a lot more to his work.


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13. Sponsor community events

Community events for a social cause can be sponsored by the company and gifts can be distributed to the participants or volunteers. This would pep up the employees, give them a ”feel good” factor and boost up their confidence to a great extent.

14. Hold a “work and families day” where families can tour the worksite

Getting the family to visit the workplace and also organising some family events in the office is a great idea to blend in with the families of the employees and showing them how the company works. Owing to this, there would be a healthy relationship between the employer as well his families. 


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15. Reward and recognition programs

Everyone expects to be appreciated for their dedication and hard work in the office. Reward and recognition programs boost up the morale of the employees and make them even more inclined on performing better by giving them a positive mind frame.

16. Daily or weekly wellness tips

Wellness and nutritional tips given at regular intervals would give the employees an insight into staying fit and strong. Issue some pamphlets on a daily or weekly basis.

17. Career development seminars or tips

The scope of the profession can be explained very well through career development seminars or tips. In this way, the employees would get to learn how they can get promotions and better posts and can maintain a positive outlook.

A well established corporate wellness program can not only  lead to reduction in sick leave absenteeism, workers compensation costs and healthcare costs but also help you and your employees live healthier more satisfying lives. Corporate wellness programs help a company in having loyal employees who would bring even more laurels and recognition. Implement these programs and see the drastic improvement in the work approach of the employees.