Benefits of Acroyoga – The New in Thing


Are you bored of the same Yogasanas? If yes, bring something new to your Yoga routine. There is a practice of AcroYoga which is quite popular these days. In this practice, combination of acrobatics and yoga is done and body weight and gravity is used for enhancing strengthening and stretching poses.

In several sequences, Therapeutic flying is included in which 2 roles are played, 1 lying on the mat and the one balancing the legs of the one lying. In this, Thai massage can also be included in which kneading and assisted stretches is done.

Know the health benefits of AcroYoga

With AcroYoga, the overall personality can be molded and spiritual, physical and mental aspects are improved. With its concentration, discipline and athleticism, one’s kindness, trust, confidence and personality can be improved. It also helps in losing weight and the massage that accompanies it can help in glowing skin. The following are the health benefits of AcroYoga:

1. It helps in enhancing concentration and helps in easing mind from stress and worries.

2. The combination of this helps in strengthening the immune system and helps in improving quality of life. One can lead a content, satisfied and happy life.

3. It helps in easing several health conditions like pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

4. It helps in improving digestion, brings about an improvement in blood circulation and eliminates toxins.

5. It builds stamina

6. It helps in improving capacity to recall and improves memory.

7. It helps to build appetite, get rid of constipation and puts forth proper body alignment

How to do AcroYoga?

Basically, there are 3 primary roles when it comes to Acro-Yoga practice, spotter, flyer and base:

Base – This is the individual who lies on the mat. The legs and arms are bone stacked so that maximum support and stability is provided to the flyer. Feet are the main point of contact. Usually feet would be placed on the lower abdomen, groin or hips of the flyer.

Flyer – This is an individual who would be elevated. Dynamic positions can be taken using gravity. Flyer needs strength, confidence and balance.

Spotter – This is an individual whose focus is ensuring the safe landing of flyer. Recommendations can also be made so that flyers can improve their forms.

While doing the forms, the arms have to be kept straight and the base must balance you with his feet. Open your chest and look forward. Get your arms outstretched sideways with palms. Try maintaining this posture for 30 seconds and the slowly come down.

Acro Yoga in India

The concept of AcroYoga is slowly gaining popularity in  India.  People are attracted towards this trend owing to the numerous benefits that it has on offer. So what are you waiting for? Go and boost your confidence level now with AcroYoga.

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