5 trendy theme Restaurants in Hyderabad


Theme restaurants in Hyderabad are trendy, nostalgic and surreal. One can have a great time here with family and friends. Given below are some of the best theme restaurants in Hyderabad:

1. Eatmor 70mm  – Theme: Bollywood

This restaurant has a Bollywood theme and there are posters on walls of famous movies like Bobby, Don, Raaz etc. Mannequins of actors are also seen here. The menu card has nice and quirky one-liners  describing the awesome food.

Eatmor 70mm
Image Source – liveinstyle.com

2. Beach House – Theme: Beach theme

This is a lounge with a stunning  beach theme. Here, you can have some amazing sea food apart from North Indian and Chinese cuisine. Overall, you can come here and have a relaxed time.

Beach House
image Source  – grouptables.com

3. Gufaa – Theme: Cave

This restaurant has a cave like ambience. The small waterfall and dim lighting is just excellent. This restaurant is famous for its lip-smacking biryanis – the specialty of Hyderabad.

Image Source – flickr

4. NautankiGali – Theme- Small town

This is an award winning restaurant owing to its interiors and is one of India’s first theme based restaurant. The feeling is as though  you are eating off the streets in a village . The cubicles here are rickshaw-styled which adds to the fun. With awesome Indian food the service is also very quick.

Image Source – zapojet.com

5.Sholay – Theme- Sholay Movie

This is based on theme of the famous Ramesh Sippy movie ‘Sholay’. Amazing artworks of “Gabbar”, Dharmedra and Big B are seen adorned on the walls. Sholayis an Authentic Indian Restaurant and a very  a friendly place ; the Non-veg dishes here are a must-try.

Image Source – grabhouse.com



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