Team Building Lunch Ideas


It is quite natural that sharing food and eating food together brings people closer. Having a team lunch enhances the team spirit and is an excellent opportunity to bring the workers together. People get to know each other better when there is an informal conversation space. While having lunch together, one can also can vent out the mental stress that has accumulated and feel at peace instantly. Sharing food is a brilliant stress buster too. Just like sitting on the dining table and relishing on delicious food makes family relationships strong, sharing food with colleagues in the cafeteria encourages healthy relationship in the office. It not only helps in building attachment with fellow employees but also increase the productivity of the professionals.

Here are some ideas on how to encourage team lunch

Team Lunches in Office Cafeteria

team building lunch ideas
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Catered meal for all

You can have a catered meal or packed lunch for everyone so that it becomes a ritual to have food together. Owing to this, people would make it a point to sit and interact in the cafeteria. It would give the employees a homely kind of feeling and they would have a sense of emotional attachment with the company. This gesture would increase the respect and admiration that the employees have for the management.

Bring your own food

Everyone loves home made food, right? You can make it customary for the employees to bring their own lunch at least few days a week. It would be equally beneficial in creating long lasting reverence with the company as well as colleagues. Despite having busy schedules, it is quite worthwhile to have team lunches.

Cannot meet everyday ? Make it once a week ritual

team building lunch ideas
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There are certain companies where the workload is so huge that it does not become possible for different departments or even people of the same department to meet up everyday for lunch exactly at the same time.  In this scenario, it is advisable to have one day of the week dedicated to having team lunch. This way the team gets to know each other and are not under any compulsion either.

Long tables in the cafeteria

If the cafeteria has long tables instead of round ones, it can encourage the team values even more, because it would make the employees converse with other employees and befriend new people.

Team Lunch for Fun Time

team building lunch ideas
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Take the team out

If you take your team on a picnic, it surely feels good as much as it sounds good. Collecting memories together always helps in building unbreakable bonds.

Organize special games / events

Organizing special games and events followed by a gala lunch or dinner is one of the most recommended things to do for every corporate company. Enjoying together creates positive vibes that are very essential for the success of every business.


If everyone is asked to bring something from their home, you can have a nice potluck party in the office. It instills a give and take feeling in all the employees working in the company. You can make it a tradition for your organization and see how well it works.

Make team lunches a must to celebrate milestones

team building lunch ideas
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Whenever you have a reason to celebrate or even if you don’t, you can have team lunches. You can make the milestone even more unforgettable by having a team lunch.

You ought to try all these innovative suggestions for having a team lunch and make a noteworthy difference in your organization.

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