Must Try Street Food of Chennai


Chennai is the city that can boast of having the second longest beach of India. Street Food in Chennai is as popular as its beaches and monuments. When it comes to food, Grand Sweets and Krishna Sweets are definitely a must visit for the snacks and sweets respectively besides the food items mentioned below.

Idli – sambhar  

Idli – sambhar is the traditional breakfast item and also a favoured snacks in Chennai.

street food of chennai
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Rathna Cafe serves amazing idli sambhar in Chennai.  Soft , fresh idli in the sea of sambhar. Apart from idli, vadai also tastes simply delicious here. Thanjavur Mess also serves authentic South Indian dishes.


Vada is the crispy, fried doughnut shaped traditional snacks in southern India.

street food of chennai
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You can get delicious Vada at Rathna Cafe at economical rates. The vada here  simply melts into your mouth. Their unlimited sambhar is the major draw for all foodies. Since decades, it has been an exceptional street food joint in Chennai. Only Vada is also one such place that specializes in quality vadas.


When in the streets of Chennai you can’t stay away from the soft , succulent and crisp dosas.

Almost every street food stall in Chennai serves dosas but the best dosas   can be found at Sangeetha Veg Restaurant. Podi dosai served at Rathna cafe is a must try.


Parottas are one of the most favoured street food of Chennai.

street food of chennai
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Kothu Oil Parottas at the road side shops of Pondy Bazar are so lip smacking that you would surely crave for more. Kannadasan Mess is a must visit for kothu parottas.


Another awesome and yet healthy street food of Chennai that is  is made from rice flour that’s pressed into noodles and steamed.

It goes very well with spicy coconut chutney or curries.  Hotel Sarvana Bhavan is one of the best places to have mouthwatering idiyappam.


For tasty fluffy and fresh uttapam, head to Swaminathan Cafe and give it a try.

Adai avial, upma and pongal served here are also prepared with sheer perfection. Seena Bhai Tiffin Center serves amazing uttapam almost submerged in ghee and superb idlis. Visit it after 6 in the evening.

Chhat – Chennai pani puri

When in Chennai do not think that it will not have awesome Chhat specially Pani- Puri.

street food of chennai
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Chennai Pani -puri with a tinge of south Indian flavour is a must try. Rangoli Chat serves delicious pani puri and other chats. Nugambakkam Chat Corner also has tasteful bhel puri, bread chat and churmur chat. Maya chat in the Sowcarpet market serves brilliant kachoris.

Bread Omlette

Bread Omlette outside Fountain Plaza-Alsa Mall is totally fabulous.

The green chutney served with it is also very tasty. Royal Sandwich is also famous for its huge variety of sandwiches like double omlette sandwich and chicken khakhra sandwich.

Vada Pav

Mehta Brothers at Sowcarpet is the place to go for delicious and authentic Maharashtra style  vada pav and mirchi bhajji.

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The chutney served with the vada pav makes the dish even more recommended.

Murukku Sandwich

A unique specialty of Chennai is Murruku Sandwich where slices of tomato, cucumber and mint chutney are enclosed by two small, coiled, crunchy Murukkus.  

street food of chennai
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Agarwal Bhawan serves delectable Murukku sandwich, samosas and thick badam milk at unimaginably reasonable rates. Murugan Sandwich  is another must try places in Chennai Street food map.


Atho , a specialty in Chennai, is a Burmese dish made up of round thick noodles to which cabbage, fried onions and other gravy is added along with spices and condiments.

street food of chennai
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Abdul Aziz’s Atho Stall in between 2nd line Beach Road and Rajaji Salai serves amazing atho at simply 40 bucks. You can even try the egg stew that is offered by him.   Moinga Shops in second lane beach road are also a must visit if you are at Chennai.


Kaalan is basically a fried and spicy dish made up of mushrooms, that is a unique street dish of Chennai.

street food of chennai
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You can have it as snacks. The Kaalan Shop on Arcot Road is very popular for this food item.

Lassi and Buttermilk

For the most succulent lassi and chaas on a hot summer day visit Anmol Lassiwala.

street food of chennai
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A very  popular  place for the large steel glasses of kesar lassi costing Rs. 70. The lassi served here is so huge that it might become diificult for you to finish it on your own. Chaas priced at 30 bucks is also a must try.


Maharaja Kulfi serves the best Kulfi of Chennai.

street food of chennai
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It is one of the best place for desserts after the spicy taste of chat has left its flavor in your mouth. The mango icecream that has orange ice cream hidden inside would steal the show.

This sums up majority of the dishes that are at the top in the list of street foods in Chennai as well as the places where you can gorge on them. Try out the street shops of Thiruvanmiyur and vegetarian dishes at T. Nagar plus Bessi fish fries in addition to the list above. Try jigarthanda and filter coffee too, if you get a chance.