The Must Have Street Food Of Kolkata



Whenever someone mentions about Kolkata, you cannot help thinking about trams, Howrah bridge and coastal cuisine of delicious fish. However, Kolkata is a lot more than just that. Besides sondesh, mishti doi and rosogulla, there are other food items too that would set you drooling. Check out some of the items sold as street food below.

Kathi Roll

The filling of most delicious kebabs, paneer, pieces of fried chicken and fried egg make Kathi Roll an absolute delight for anyone.

street food of kolkata
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Try this awesome Kolkattan delicacy at Nizam’s, Anamika Roll Center, Nawab Snacks Bar and Jabbr Afghani. It is even found in the restaurants of Kolkata if you are worried about hygiene and cleanliness issues.


Everyone loves Phuchka, the evergreen street food of Kolkata.  Phuchka can be found in every street corner of the city and it is almost equally delicious and tasty everywhere .

street food of kolkata
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Have a tasty explosion in your mouth with the tangy tamarind chutney and the spicy green chilies added to phuchka. There is also a version of dahi phuchka for all who love variation in taste.


Telebhaja are quite similar to the dish known as “pakode”. Vegetables are added to well prepared gram flour batter and then deep fried. Vegetables like onions, potatoes, pumpkins and eggplant are mainly used in this dish.

street food of kolkata
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Needless to say, you ought to try this when you come to Kolkata. Putiram at College Street is the best place to try out Telebhaja. Other than that, you can even try it at Kalika Mukhorochak.


Chowmein is commonly known as Chow and its nothing but a little oily , quite spicy and amazingly tasty stir fried noddles with your choice of toppings .For amazing Chinese dishes and breakfast from this cuisine, head to Territi Bazaar of Kolkata.

street food of kolkata
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It is open early morning and you can have the most delicious Chinese cuisine over here.


Although Momos do not belong to Kolkata traditionally, people of Kolkata simply love this Tibetian food.

street food of kolkata
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And the most delicious momos are served at the streets near the Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit  and Gigi’s Momos in Salt Lake market. They even serve amazing thukpa and cutlets along with tasty momos.

Kochuri – Ghugni

Kochuri is a deep fried dish usually eaten with ghugni. Ghugni is essentially an amazing dish made with dried yellow peas or green peas.

Street Food Of Kolkata
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The best kochuri of Kolkata is served at Tasty Corner at Mandeville Gardens. You can even try out their Tarkari.

 Moghlai Parota

Anadi Cabin at S.N. Banerjee Road serves awesome Moghlai Parota.

Street Food Of Kolkata
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It is usually served with spicy potato curry. The taste of this dish is sure to linger in your mouth for a very long time.


Radha – Ballavi needs to explanation to anyone who is in Kolkata. An amazing street delicacy of lentil stuffed Puri that is served with ghugni , Cholar dalor aloo sabzi.

Street Food Of Kolkata
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If you want to have this amazing delicacy try your luck at any local sweet shop in the arly morning or evening hours or it will just vanish- people here really love to eat Radha – Ballavi.

Fish and Chicken Chop and Fish Cutlet / Egg Devil

One of the most famed street foods of Kolkata found in every nook and corner of the city. Mincned fish, chicken and meat are used to make the chops that are dep fried.

Street Food Of Kolkata
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As for egg devil its a unique dish where boiled egg and mashed spicy potato fillings are deep fried together. Do try the fish fry and cutlets at Golpark 5-point crossing, on a small little shop on the Gariahat Side.


An interesting blend of muri with peanuts, coconut pieces and lentils makes Jhalmuri a very desirable street food and the best time pass food as well.

Street Food Of Kolkata
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On the Lake temple road, outside Menoka cinema, you can get very tasty Jhalmuri.

Ghoti Gorom

Ghoti Gorom is a prominent street food of Kolkata that is made out of variety of salted mixtures.

A pot of hot coal is put in a can and the mixtures are blended. Onions, green chilies , loemon or raw mango is added for extra flavor. It’s simply awesome.


Masala Shikanji

Shibuji serves the best masala shikanji of Kolkata.

Street Food Of Kolkata
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You ought to try the different flavours of masala soda that they serve over here.

Doi Bara

Ganguram sweets near Maniktala Market is very famous for their chaats, doi bara(Dahi bhalla in other parts of India) and mouth watering sweets.

Street Food Of Kolkata
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Chhanar Jilipi

Chhanar Jilipi looks just like a gulab jamun.

Street Food Of Kolkata
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Its sweetness and softness would definitely leave your taste buds mesmerized. It is worth trying at Mouchak. You can have Raj Kachori, mango doi and kulfi too over here.

Kolkata is a paradise for foodies and has one of the best and most delicious street food from across India. So all the foodies out there do you want to make in addition to this list? Just feel free.