Top 10 Must Have Street Food in Mumbai


If you want to know about the most awesome street food in Mumbai, you need to check its streets for its amazing street foods. These streets bring before you the various spices of the city. Check out some of the best street foods while you are here in Mumbai:

Pav Bhaji

Restaurant : At Sardar’s

This is a 5 minute walk from Mumbai Central Station. It specializes in finger-licking pav bhaji. Although there are white barriers covering it, its mere aroma is enough for taking you to the right direction. Within seconds, you will get 2 metal plates, one with the Bhaji loaded with slab of butter and other with buttery pav. Your stomach is surely going to feel grateful of you.

Street Food in Mumbai
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Mysore Masala Dosa

At Bhulabai Desai Road

Soft and pulpy at the center and crispy over the edges, Mysore Masala Dosa by Anna’s is surely not worth missing.  It is a favorite treat for students of Sophia college. The style as well as preparation of Dosa is extremely unique as compared to other places. You can also pamper your taste buds by having the Chinese dosa here.

Street Food in Mumbai
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Chicken Tikka rolls

At Bademiya

If you are in Mumbai, then make sure that you visit Bademiya only  after 3am. Famous as a late night food joint, one can enjoy the meaty goodness here. It has an open air kitchen on wheels and is located behind Taj Palace hotel. Here, you must never miss out on the Chicken Tikka rolls. The meat would be wrapped in a roomali roti which is soft and thin as a handkerchief and this is topped with fried onion strips. You don’t need sauces with it.

Street Food in Mumbai
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Vada pav outside Mithibai college

It is hard to understand as to why Vada Pav of hotels and famous joints don’t taste good as compared to those on the streets. While you are outside Mithibai college, you must never miss out on Dheeraj Vada Pav, which lies just opposite it. The crowd of NM college as well as Mithibai college raids it from all the sides. The specialty of the place is that the Vada pav is filled with loads of butter. Don’t miss out on the green chutney served with it.

Street Food in Mumbai
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Chana Bhatura

At Cream Center

Nowadays, people believe that restaurants having laminated menus with photos of food shouldn’t be trusted. However, Cream Center is not like those. It is famous for its Chana Bhatura which even though a bit oily is favorite among workers, families and students alike. They will serve deep-friend puris that are of a size of football along with masala chickpeas, onions and diced potatoes.

Street Food in Mumbai
Image source – Creamcentre

Address:25 TV Gala, Ground Floor, S K Ahire Marg, Behind Glaxo,Worli Mumbai – 400 030
Phone:+91 22 6600 8888 | For more info click Creamcentre

Juices at Haji Ali Juice Center

After seeking blessings at Mahalakshmi Mandir as well as Haji Ali Dargah, devotees seem to sip various juices at  Haji Ali Juice Center. Here, you can get lots of variety in juices with creations and innovations. The most popular items here are sitafal milkshake and sitafal cream.

Street Food in Mumbai
Image source – Hajialijuicecentre

Address: Lala Lajpatrai Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026
Phone:+91 22 2351 7632 | For More Info Click here

Kheema Pav

At Olympia Coffee House

While you are in Colaba, don’t go in for cereal or fry-ups instead try breakfast in the way locals do. Don’t forget to try fried minced meat along with hunks of bread for mopping it up. This lies opposite to Leopold’s. It is known for its masala kheema followed by a small cup of coffee.

Street Food in Mumbai
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Address: Rahim Mansion No.1, Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Next to Police Station, Colaba, Mumbai
Phone:+91 22 2202 1043 |Timing: 7am – 12am | For more info click here 

Bhel Puri @ Badshah’s and Sharmajee’s

This is a very common snack among all age groups. It is a sweet and sour, crunchy, cold mix of chopped onion, tamarind chutney, potato, sev and puffed rice. It should be eaten on the spot. The most famous spot for Bhel Puri is Chowpatty Beach. Here, you must opt for Bhel Puri only from Badshah’s and Sharmajee’s.  Bhel Puri here is definitely lip-smacking.

Street Food in Mumbai
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At Sarvi

Mohammed Ali Road is very famous for its skewered Kebabs that hang from smoking stalls and appear to be like sizzling curtains. However, if you want to enjoy some delicious kebabs, then head to Sarvi on the Dimtimkar road. Since 90 years now, it has been serving kebabs. Here, you can enjoy the most tender and melt in the mouth seek kebabs which are melting in the center and crisp from outside with a tinge of mint.

Street Food in Mumbai
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Bombay Sandwich outside Xavier’s College

People of Mumbai love sandwiches and if you are in South Mumbai, you must surely try out the Bombay Sandwich at Sandwich Wala outside Xavier’s. the sandwich stall is not that big though but offers some amazing sandwiches.

Street Food in Mumbai
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