8 Restaurants Ahmedabad with Awesome Views


Ahmedabad  has lots of restaurants serving amazing food. But beyond food there are some restaurants here that offer splendid views that enhance the mood of each diner and makes the food even more enjoyable. Check out the top restaurants in Ahmedabad with awesome ambiance and panorama.

  1. Real Poseidon

Real Poseidon is a recently inaugurated restaurant that holds the credit of being the very first underwater restaurant of the nation. You can have the unique opportunity of dining with 4000 fish and marine species in this restaurant constructed inside a swimming pool. They serve Chinese, North Indian, Thai and Mexican dishes.

Restaurants in Ahmedabad
Image source – Indianexpress/Real Poseidon

2. Patang – The Revolving Restaurant

Patang is the only revolving restaurant in Ahmedabad that offers a beautiful 360 degree view of the Sabarmati Riverfront and the huge buildings in its vicinity and afar. Delicious Continental, Chinese and North Indian dishes are served in this iconic restaurant of Ahmedabad. Live music with superb views make the entire dining experience unforgettable.

Restaurants in Ahmedabad
Image source – Wikipedia/Restaurant

3. The Waterside

Piperade and Firefly are the two restaurants in The Waterside. If you love Italian, Mexican, Thai and Chinese dishes, Piperade is a good option while people opting for Indian cuisine should opt for Firefly. The ambiance is extremely romantic and the view of the Narmada Canal make the aura all the more charming. It is a great venue for dinner date.

Restaurants in Ahmedabad
Image source – Facebook/The Waterside

4. Vishalla

Ask anyone in Ahmedabad and you would never come across a person who does not know about Vishalla. That’s the legacy of this wonderful Gujarati restaurant. If you are looking for authentic Gujarati dishes, this is the best place to be. You can enjoy the rural feel as you watch the delightful puppet show therein while relishing on the brilliantly prepared dishes.

Restaurants in Ahmedabad
Image source – Vishalla/vishalla restaurant

5. Earthen Oven

Be it business meetings or a family party, Earthen Oven is sure to impress your guests with the rustic look of the haveli and the view of Ahmedabad from the top of the five star hotel Fortune Landmark. As far as food is concerned, Mughlai and North Indian dishes served over here would surely mesmerize your taste buds.

Restaurants in Ahmedabad
Image source – Tripadvisor/Earthen Oven

6. @ Nine

Enjoy mouthwatering delicacies as you admire the magnificent views of Ahmedabad city from the rooftop seating. If you wish to celebrate your special day with your loved ones, @ Nine is the perfect destination. Are you looking for a venue to make Valentine’s Day special? If yes, you can zero down your search on @ Nine.

Restaurants in Ahmedabad
Image source – Tripadvisor/@ Nine

7. House of MG – Agashiye

Old City of Ahmedabad houses a marvelous mansion of Ahmedabad that has been transformed into an excellent restaurant. From the terrace seating of Agashiye (Gujarati term for “on the terrace”), you can have a wonderful view of the Siddi Saiyed mosque. Scrumptious Gujarati Thali served over here and the friendly waiters are sure to make you feel at home.

Restaurants in Ahmedabad
Image source – Houseofmg/House of MG – Agashiye

8. Skyz Restaurant & Banquet

Live music, wonderful view and tasty food are synonymous to Skyz Restaurant & Banquet. North Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines are served over here. It is a great escape during Ahmedabad summers for a pleasant dining experience.

Have you visited these wonderful restaurants in Ahmedabad yet? If you have not, you now know the perfect places to get a table reserved and witness Ahmedabad differently.