Best Rajasthani dishes for Dinner


If you are a foodie, you must try the delicious dishes that Rajasthan has to offer. It is finger licking good and you would surely crave to have more. The cooking style here is influenced by the desert conditions and that is why one sees less use of green vegetables and water in the food. To make up for the lack of water milk, butter milk and butter is used in excess.  The menu is predominantly vegetarian with some non vegetarian dishes. Some of the must try Rajasthani dishes for Dinner are:

Rajasthani Thali

Try a Rajasthani Thali if you want to sample every taste .

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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It consists of special  Besan ki and  missi roti, bedmi puri, daal ke parathe and baati. As far as sabji or vegetables are concerned, you have dry vegetable as well as gravy vegetable. Dry vegetable has amazing Ker Sangri sabji, Papad boondi ki sabji and tasty cluster beans (Gawarfali ki sabji). Gatte ki sabji, lentil dumpling in gravy (Mangodi Rasawale) and maas. You can even have raita to go along with it. Dal Banjara and Panchmel Dal are also included in the thali. Desserts like laapsi, rabdi and kalakand are some of Rajasthan sweet specialties.

Dal Baati Churma

Dal Baati is the quintessential Rajasthani dish that is supplemented with churma.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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It is a mixture of finely grinded baked rotis, ghee and sugar. Dal baati is basically baked wheat balls served with spicy dal. It is the signature dish of Rajasthan that you cannot miss out on. That flavor of ghee in this dish is extremely tempting. It is truly the best three-in-one treat.

Gatte ki Sabzi 

Sausage shaped dumplings of gram flour are fried and added to a curry of yogurt with mild spices.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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You can have it with Missi Roti or pain roti whatever you like. Gatte can be eaten in a variety of other ways too if you do not want to fry it. People who like this dish can try the other curry dishes too.

Laal Maas

Laal maas is “red meat” and it is the best known non vegetarian food.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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This spicy delicacy is generally prepared from goat, marinated in ginger, garlic and yogurt. It is then buried in the earth for around 15 days with ashes inside rugs and then cooked with spicy gravy and ghee. It is sometimes confused with jungli maas that has its origin in the hunting trips.

Gatte ka Puloa

On festive occasions when plain steam rice is not served, Rajasthanis prepare Gatte ka Pulao.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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Cooked gattas are added to enhance the taste of the pulao that is served with Rajasthani kadhi or curd.

Rajasthani Kadhi

Rajasthani Kadhi are of various types. They add gatta, pithore or fresh besan pakodas to the kadhi.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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Anyone who tastes this kadhi is sure to have double or triple helping of the roti or pulao, whatever it is served with. The crispiness of besan pakodas in the kadhi or deep fried pithore add to the awesomeness of the kadhi.

Mohan Maas

Mohan Maas is the royal dish of Rajasthan. It is basically meat prepared with mild spices plus milk.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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The tender texture makes it all the more satiating. Lemon and khus khus along with cardamom in the thick gravy enhance the taste of this non vegetarian dish even more.

Papad ki Sabzi

Who else could have thought of making a vegetable out of “papad”! Well, a simple pappadam is made so much more flavorful and appetizing by the addition of vegetables and masala.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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You ought to try it if you happen to be at Rajasthan.

Pickles and Papads:

Pickles and chutneys of Rajasthan are famous accompaniments to the main food. Lehsun ki Chutney,

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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Tamatar ki Launji, Ker Sangri and Aam Luanji are some of the favoured chutneys served with the food to make it spicy and tangy. Masala and Moong dal papads are also served with every dish.

Beverage served with food in Rajasthan :

Makhaniya Lassi

The delicate and wonderfully done flavouring in a thick and sweet yogurt drink called Makhaniya Lassi is worth trying. It is so rich and thick that a spoon can stand straight in the glass.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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The overwhipped cream would surely be a treat to your taste buds. Do not worry about the calories! Jodhpur is very popular for this beverage. It is even available at Agra.


To get a respite from the loo, dhungari hui chhach is one of the most amazing options.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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The mildly spicy buttermilk of Rajasthan would definitely help you maintain a cool temperature during summers.


In Rajasthan sweets are either taken with the meal or before the meal that is why they are never called desserts and are rather served as a part of the food.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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Some of the famous Rajasthani sweets are:


A sweet dish resembling the honey comb known as ghevar is a tasty chewy treat. The porous texture makes it very eye catching.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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It is mainly prepared during Teej, an important festival in Rajasthan. Surely try it out if you have a sweet tooth. Jaipur is very famous for ghevar.


Sugar coated Indian doughnuts are known as Balushahi. You cannot resist this dish because it is just too tempting.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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Desserts are usually taken after the meal, but Rajasthanis have it before, after and during the meal.


Laapasi is sweet porridge made up of wheat plus jaggery.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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It can be sweetened with unrefined brown sugar. Take a spoonful and I am sure you would ask for more.

Mawa Mishri

If you happen to be at Jaipur, Mawa Mishri is worth trying. It is also known as Kalakand and is quite similar to the Italian cheese cake.

rajasthani dishes for dinner
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It is firmer than milk cakes and softer than barfis when it comes to texture. The garnishing of nuts and fruits makes this dish made up of milk, sugar and lemon juice very delicious.

Rajasthan has diverse menus region wise too . Moong Moth in the desert area, Rasgulle and Chamcham in Bikaner, Pushkar’s Malpua, Ajmer’s Kachori, Kishangarh’s Kesarbatti along with Gujia, Mohanthal, Daal ka Halva, Mirchi Bada, Kalmi Vada, Boondi Raita and Aam ki launji are some of the dishes worth having in this state. Do not forget Kihiranad or Mitha chawal too.

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