Must try Punjabi Food in Chandigarh


Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab and needless to say, a gastronomical attraction! A visit to Chandigarh is incomplete without trying out its lip-smacking food that is rich in colour and taste. With perfect balance between vegeterian and non-vegeterian choices makes the food journey all the more interesting. The top five Punjabi food to try in Chandigarh are: 

Chhole Bhature 

White Peas along with Indian bread of fried flour at Gopals Sweets Restaurant is a must try while in Chandigarh for its mouthwatering taste.

Punjabi Food in Chandigarh
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Alooparatha/stuffed paratha

What is Chandigarh without some scrumptious parathas? The best of parathas with some of the finest stuffing such as potatoes and paneer can be found at Only Parathas in Industrial Area Phase-1. 

Punjabi Food in Chandigarh
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Butter Chicken

A specialty of Chandigarh and one must try out the mouthwatering Butter Chicken that is cooked in desi ghee to perfection at  the Singh’s Shop in Sector 22 and Pal Dhaba

Punjabi Food in Chandigarh
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Amritsari Fish

The normal fish with a twist that is specialty of Amritsar. Mouthwatering and simply irresistible must try at Amritsari Zaika in Chandigarh Sector 37 D. 

Punjabi Food in Chandigarh
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Tandooori Chiken

The slowly grilled spicy chicken that is almost fiery red in colour and succulent in every bite is a must eat non-vegetarian food in Chandigarh and can be best found in Chawla’s Chicken.

Punjabi Food in Chandigarh
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Roh di Kheer

A special  sweet dish that is prepared by boiling rice in sugarcane juice is a local delicacy and can be found at most of the sweet shops here.


Punjabi Food in Chandigarh
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