Night Out in Ahmedabad


Gujarat has always appealed to travel freaks for the ‘incredible’ hotspots the state has. With each and every city dedicated to some unique aspect, Ahmedabad as the largest city (and former capital) of Gujarat  is also the coolest one for night owls. It wouldn’t be right to compare it with the larger metros but your nights can be memorable enough once you have decided to hangout in few renowned zones. Most importantly, the city scores high on safety index, which makes it more appealing to womenfolk.

1.Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk - night out in ahmedabad
Night Out in Ahmedabad

A prominent city square situated in Old Ahmedabad, the place thrives with activity. Basically, the setting is surrounded by monuments and historical edifices. But what draws people is that this veggie market in the morning transforms to a jewelry market in the afternoon and lastly, a street food market by night.Prices are reasonable, which is why locals and tourists start thronging after 9pm. From all time favorites like paani-puris to pav-bhaajis, Chinese and American styled cuisines having a ‘desi’ twist characterizes this popular joint. Image Source

2. Qwiches

Qwitches - night out in ahmedabad
Night Out in Ahmedabad

Want a quick bite at a reputed eatery, sans the street factor? Qwitches should be on your must visit list for the industrial themed café it is! The ambience and concept of décor will make you feel like nay modern day metro alongside the promise that they offer your taste buds a new twist with a variety of subs, sandwiches, fries and many other snacks and beverages. All this without burning a hole in your pocket! So keep snacking and splurging the night away with pals, old and new. Image Source

3. Sphere Lounge

Sphere Lounge - Night Out in Ahmedabad
Night Out in Ahmedabad

Among the plethora of eateries to spoil you in a night out in Ahmedabad, visit this place only when you have your pockets more or less full and also managed to get the reservations (a hit favorite for many). Music lovers can expect comforting unplugged music at the rooftop setting and some unique dining options here. Late night eats are quite common in Ahmedabad and this lounge won’t disappoint you. Image Source

4. Sun Dew- Hotel Ramada

Sun Dew- Hotel Ramada - Night Out in Ahmedabad
Night Out in Ahmedabad

Knowing that a 24hrs swanky café will serve you orders even when the clock strikes 3 at night is a different feeling altogether. Sun Dew is a real indulgence at Hotel Ramada where you can dig into some ‘scrumptious delights’ that has almost all the famous cuisines of the world, serving you in a pleasing setting. You can order your old favorites or try something unique as well. Image Source

5. TGB

TGB - Night Out in Ahmedabad
Night Out in Ahmedabad

Late nights coffees have a distinguishing taste when compared to something run-of-the-mill! Visit The Grand Bhagwati, the so-called ‘first child’ of Bhagwati Banquets and Hotels Ltd., standing tall at the hub of the city if you wish to discover the taste of unique food and drinks. The place offers 2 dining options, the Café Piano as The Coffee shop and Mr. & Mrs. Somani Restaurant for traditional Indian dishes. Take your pick and spoil yourself! Image Source

6. SG Highway Hotels

Restaurants and hotels in SG highway range from anything as cheap, budget to even the luxury ones, which means anyone can have their own pick. From South Indian to North Indian, Italian to Mexican, Thai to Chinese, Lebanese to Continental and several others, SG Highway is a popular zone for those hanging around at nights and craving amazing food.

7. CG Road Restaurants

CG Road Restaurants - Night Out in Ahmedabad
Night Out in Ahmedabad

Ranked as the costliest retail sites  in the city, Chimanlal Girdharlal Road is one of the major areas in Ahmedabad boasting of some legendary restaurants. An array of delectable cuisines can be tried and relished when you are on a nightout, so don’t miss this one when you think of the major hangout options in the city. Image Source

Reality told, people of Gujarat gets drunk on food! So your night outs in Ahmedabad will turn interesting for sure.

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