Ladies Night Home Party Ideas


An all girls party is always fun, it not only helps you deepen the bonds but also keeps you sane. Specialists say time off with friends are actually beneficial—it expands your life compass, boosts your happiness quotient, and makes you feel more content in general. Furthermore, a fun night out is the best way to reduce the stress. It does not matter whether you go out at the nearby bar or spend time at a friend’s home just having fun.

Arranging a gathering at your home can be sometimes tiresome. So we bring you a few ladies night home party ideas to make your night a never ending fun time:

Prep up your cushion

Make sure that everything is arranged well before your friends arrive if you are organising the party. Set a subject of your decision — for instance you do a role play or act as like your favorite characters from a show. The benefit of hosting a ladies night is that you can simply experiment, even in the case if you don’t have the capacity and budget to go out.

Ladies Night Home Party
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Groove the Night away

Get hold of the best music, keep in mind the tastes of all your friends make it a mix and match. Dance , sing and make merry . To add to the feel get some disco lights and switch them on when everyone gets into the groove. Dance, music and good food with some drinks can be a perfect set up.


Host a wine sampling gathering

A night with a wine is the most alluring thing ever for ladies. Grab your favourite wines,  celebrate life and  lounge around with your girls tasting the various types and blurting things out without senses.

Ladies Night Home Party
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Have a makeup fun time

Try searching tutorials to get some new going-out thoughts. If one of your friends is a make up expert is all the more fun or just try your best tricks on each other, till you all look like divas.


Glitz up, and click pictures

As we all know that girls love dressing up. Now that you have done the make-up dress up in most unexpected outfits and click pictures of each other. Use them as your profile pics and gain loads of attention later. We’ll love some. Don’t we?

Ladies Night Home Party
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Arrange few amusements or games

Apart from being sure of everything is set, get your popcorn and wine prepared and share a couple giggles by playing some fun games. These games doesn’t have to be necessarily adult. But adult games are sure exclusive.


Stock up on a couple DVDs

Watch  some  romantic comedies or chick flicks like The Princess Diaries or Dirty Dancing with your besties. You can also watch horror flicks to make the night fascinating- do a bottoms up every time you get scared. Ask your companions what they want to watch before so you have the movies downloaded before they arrive.

Ladies Night Home Party
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Feel young with school time ideas

Remember the times when you had sleepover with school friends and loved eating junk, talking about heartbreaks and the good looking boys of the school. Ask your besties for a similar sleep over and relive those days. Talk your heart out with a few drinks and loads of junk.

Ladies Night Home Party
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Lastly don’t forget to stock up on on food and drinks. Keep it simple, you don’t want to spend the whole evening in kitchen, after all its your time to enjoy with your friends. Chat, dance and make merry.

After a night like this trust me, you will wake up with a huge grin the morning. Nothing like having an exotic ladies night party. All you have to do is, follow the above things by making them more fun and fervid. Happy Partying girls!

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