Japanese Food in Ahmedabad


There was a time when people had only local delicacies in Gujarat. However, times have changed and everyone now wants to try  various international cuisines. In Ahmedabad international food meant only Chinese dishes till a few years back , but today we have options to have Italian, Mexican and Thai food along with amazing Japanese cuisine too. Many restaurants have come up in Ahmedabad that serve authentic Japanese food. There are classes for learning Japanese language, then why should food be left behind! Check out the list below for the must try Japanese food in Ahmedabad.


Sushi is the most popular Japanese dish. It is basically flavoured rice rolled with cooked seafood, vegetables and egg in the centre that is served with pickles and soy sauce.  

Japanese Food in Ahmedabad
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It is served cold. You can get the best sushi in Ahmedabad at Silk Road, Hotel Eastin. It is also available at Hyatt, Ahmedabad in their pan Asian restaurant Nonya. Philosophy Club serves vegetarian sushi too. It is also available at ‘That Place’.


The main three types of noodles in Japan are Udon, Ramen and Soba. Head to Shihai if you wish to have Japanese noodles.

Japanese Food in Ahmedabad
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They have different flavors of noodles ranging from Ramen to Soba. The authenticity of this restaurant would leave you elated and your taste buds satisfied. The interior of this restaurant adds to the charm of the place.

Bento Box 

Bento box is a box shaped container that has rice, fish or meat along with cooked or pickled vegetables. The food remains fresh and hygienic for a long time when stored in such a container.

Japanese Food in Ahmedabad
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Ichi Zen at Hotel Crowne Plaza serves brilliant Bento Boxes in Ahmedabad. But here you can get the Bento-box packed on pre- order as there is no sit and eat facility as yet for lunch and dinner.


Delicacies that are prepared on an iron grill on a hot plate that is kept in the centre of a table  are commonly referred to as Teppenyaki. Steaks and shrimps can also be prepared in this way. You can try the Teppenyaki menu at Nami Kitchen and The Silk Road. 


Originally from China, Gyoza or Jiaozi are dumplings with the filling of vegetables and ground meat. It is available at Shihai. If you are craving for tasty Japanese dishes, this is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Ahmedabad.


Cafe Formula by Tamura serves excellent Tempura. The deliciousness and crispiness of this dish make it a very popular Japanese dish. Take your Japanese clients or friends at Tamura and they would surely be delighted with the dishes.


Yakotori is basically Japanese style barbecued chicken. Cooked on skewers it is a popular bar snack.

Japanese Food in Ahmedabad
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That Place is one of the most recommended places for Yakitori chicken. Also, go to Hyatt  to check out the amazing options of Yakitori. The choices available are Grilled Vegetable ,  Grilled chicken Platter, Seafood Platter and Tenderloin.

This is a very brief account of the Japanese food in Ahmedabad. If you are a vegetarian, you can try out the vegetarian dishes at Wok on Fire or Tofu and fried rice at Cafe Formula.

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