Amazing Ice-cream Parlours in Jaipur


For many after a good meal a dessert is a must and what can be a better dessert than a great ice cream or a delicious kulfi? The  famous Pink City, Jaipur has many ice cream Parlours which are really best for an delicious dessert joy. Some famous are:

Jal Mahal Ice Cream Parlor

Phone: +91141 237 3520

The oldest established ice cream parlor which was built on 1952, Jai Mahal Ice Cream Parlor is one of the famous as well as reputed parlor in the city.

ice cream parlours in jaipur
Image source – Wikimedia

They offer variety of ice creams having unique names as well as in taste like Bhel Puri Sundae, Earthquake Ice cream and Death By Chocolate are famous among the visitors. Recently renovated with luxurious ambience makes lots of people visit the parlor. Also they have added lots of new varieties to their menu.

Address: 85, MI Road, Near 5 Batti, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Natural Ice Cream Parlor

Phone: +91 141 4005500

After Jal Mahal, the Natural’s of Jaipur can be said to be the second best ice cream parlor in the city. The ice cream lovers will love varieties of flavors right from mango, sitaphal, tender coconut kala jamun, watermelon, roasted almond and many more. Natural’s serves fresh ice creams without any preservatives and uses actual fresh fruits along with fresh creams and natural flavors. You will get variety to try in each season as the flavors varies as per the availability of fruits during seasons. Though a bit expensive but a must try place for those who don’t want to miss ice creams.

Address: A-5, Pearl Suryavanshi, Showroom No. 2, Sardar Patel Marg, E Scheme Jaipur, Rajasthan

Saras Parlor

Phone: +91 9799296465

The famous dairy products in Jaipur are Saras Products and hence the popular ice cream you can get at Saras Parlor. The place is recognized by government of Jaipur and one of the coolest places to visit. The place is so huge that almost one hundred and fifty customers can be accommodated one at a time at Saras Parlor. They provide the best dairy based products as well many varieties of flavors of ice creams like Kesar Pista, Chocolate, Vanilla and many more. Saras Parlor is not only popular place but one of the enjoyable one and a never miss visit with your loved ones in the city

Address: Malviya Nagar, Near Mahaveer Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Habitz Ice Cream Parlor

Phone: +91 141 4026516

Though it is a small parlor but it will give you lot of joy when you try their varieties of ice creams at their parlor right from excusive flavors like Ginger Lemons, Mirchi, Caramel Nuts, Paan and many more. You just let your order out and they will serve at their best.

ice cream parlours in jaipur
Image source – Habitzicecream

The flavor of fresh fruits and cream can be sensed from the very first bite you take. And if you want to try something different just tell them and they will be ready to serve the unique and delicious ice cream at your pleasure.

Address: A-2, Bapu Nagar, Opposite Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Gate No-1, Jaipur – 302015.

Pandit Kulfi Bhandar

Phone: +91 141 3238650

Famous for its luxurious kulfi and ice cream delights, Pandit Kulfi Bhandar is situated near Hawa Mahal and is one of the famous destinations among the visitors of the city.

ice cream parlours in jaipur
Image source – Tripadvisor

The never missed kulfi prepared by them is not only tasty but hygienic too and one will not stop just having one. The famous among them are Malai , Rabadi and Kesar Pista. The never forgettable taste, visit Pandit Kulfi Bhandar at least once during your tour time.

Address: P 79, Gangori Bazar, Near Lakheri Kangan Palace, Tripolia Bazaar, North, Jaipur

These are some of the best ice cream parlours in Jaipur where you can enjoy lip smacking desserts all throughout the year.