Healthy at Work


Don’t Sit All Day at Work – Be Healthy

“ Sitting is The New Smoking” – Dr. James Livine, Director Mayo Clinic

Humans were not meant to sit all day. But in today’s work world most of the work is done by sitting on a chair or at the desk for really long hours. Also after work people tend to spend a lot of time sitting in the car or at home watching TV resulting into various health complications like Heart Disorders, Spinal Problems, Diabetes, Hypertension, Musculoskeletal Disorders and Obesity.

Sitting Is Unhealthy Even if You Exercise

if you thought that going to a gym or for a run everyday after or before work and eating a balanced diet is enough to keep you healthy you are mistaken. Recent studies have proved that sitting at a length for 7-8 hours every day whether at work or at home outweighs the benefits reaped from exercise and healthy eating.

Steven Blair, a research scientist at the University of South Carolina, says that  physical inactivity probably the biggest health problem in America today. A average person spends around 6 to 8 hours sitting even in the weekends.

Easy steps to avoid Sitting For Long Hours

An easy way to make sure that you  do not sit all day is to make a list of the tasks that you can do standing. Small things like arranging your desk, making sure to go out of your work station for lunch or taking a walk while brainstorming can make a huge difference. 

Numerous new companies are ensuring that employees are not confined to desk all day. The wellness programs of these companies encourage Free Movement around the office. Many work places have portable Communication Devices like a tab or a laptop that allow you to work from multiple locations. While others have installed the concept of  Active Desk Chair, Stand Up work stations and Treadmill Desks.

One can also move around and Stretch every 30 minutes –this can be a vital step to achieve a Better Lifestyle and Increased Efficiency. Remember the 3 S’s and stay fit and healthy at work – Sit, Stand and Stretch.