Best places for One day Picnic near Ahmedabad


For people who are having just one day off from work, here are some awesome and the best places for one day picnic near Ahmedabad. Have a great time with your family or friends at any of the places mentioned below.

1.Thol Lake

Distance from Ahmedabad: 29 kms

The serene environment of Thol Lake with the chirping of birds all around you makes this place a favorite among the people of Ahmedabad, especially photographers and birdwatchere.

Be it couples, friends or family, everyone can spend a quality time over here. It is hardly an hour drive from Ahmedabad.

2. Indroda Park, Gandhinagar

Distance from Ahmedabad: 35 kms

Kids, youngsters, elders and everyone in the family can have a gala time at Indroda Park. The botanical garden, zoological garden and lawn area over here are simply amazing. It is one of the best places to go to learn through play. Cricket enthusiasts can go there with the required sports accessories and play without any intrusion. Bird watchers and photographers would also enjoy to their fullest at this park. It is around 35 kilometers from S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad.

best places for one day picnic near ahmedabad
Image source – Gujarattourism

3.  Polo Forest

Distance from Ahmedabad: 125 kms approx.

Polo Forest is a brilliant place at the outskirts of the city. Don’t forget to take sufficient food stuff over here since this place does not have much of facilities. Your mobile would show “no signal” so you would be totally in the lap of nature. River streams, temples built around 6 centuries ago and plush surroundings of the place have made it one of the most sought after picnic spots near Ahmedabad.

best places for one day picnic near ahmedabad
Image source – Wikimedia

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4. Zanzari Waterfall

Distance from Ahmedabad: 70 kms approx.

Nature lovers would absolutely love Zanzari Waterfall. For people who love getting clicked and selfie freaks, it is the ultimate place. To reach the waterfall, you have to walk around 2 kilometers on a rocky path. You can also take a camel ride for the same. It is advisable to have enough food and water with you. The best time to visit this place is during monsoons and in the morning.

4. Adalaj Step Well

Distance from Ahmedabad: 20 kms

On the way to Gandhinagar, there is Adalaj Step Well. Built with superb architectural design the sunlight does not reach the interiors of the well and the temperature inside the step well is is almost  six degrees cooler than the outside.

The walls of this well are intricately craved with figures from mythology and daily life. An incredible place for photography and spending a day.

5. Orsang Resort

Distance from Ahmedabad: 160 kms approx.

Adrenaline rush and Orsang Resort are almost synonymous. Around three hours from Ahmedabad, it is a great place to relax on a weekend, enjoy and make beautiful memories. Zip Line, Kayaking, River Crossing, Camp Fire and Swimming Pool are some of the attractions of the resort.  A fun filled adventurous day is totally guaranteed if you visit it.

best places for one day picnic near ahmedabad
Image source – Theorsangresort

6. Maniars Wonderland

Distance from Ahmedabad: 6 kms approx.

To combat Ahmedabad’s burning summer, Maniars Wonderland is a great place to visit. Enjoy the ecstasy of snowfall with the freezing temperature and snow tubes, sledges, slides, snow man as well as igloos. The amusement park and water park add more entertainment to the place. Your tiny tot would also have an enjoyable time over here.

best places for one day picnic near ahmedabad
Image source – Maniarwonderland

7. Shanku’s Water Park

Distance from Ahmedabad: 60 kms approx.

Bid all the stress and worries goodbye by spending a day at Shanku’s Water Park. The water rides and boating facilities over here are absolutely up to the mark. It is a great place to unwind with your family or friends. The restaurant serves tasty food that is an additional plus point.

best places for one day picnic near ahmedabad
Image source – Waterworldresort

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8. Tirupati Natural Park

Distance from Ahmedabad: 99 kms approx.

If you are looking for a family hangout place, Tirupati Rushivan is a nice hangout spot for you. The rides, waterpark and food everything can be enjoyed at a nominal price. The main highlight of this place is that you get three rides free on the entry ticket. You can even take lunch from home and enjoy it in the lawn over there.

best places for one day picnic near ahmedabad
Image source – Tirupatirushivan

9. Swapna Srushti Water Park

Distance from Ahmedabad: 49 kms approx.

Swapna Srushti Water Park is one of the most recommended picnic spots if you are totally fed up of Ahmedabad summers. Wave pool and Rain dance are major attractions of this place. Very elderly persons may not enjoy themselves at this place, but it is a great place for toddlers, youngsters and middle aged adults.

best places for one day picnic near ahmedabad
Image source – Swapnasrushtiwaterpark

10.Neejanand Resort

Distance from Ahmedabad: 83kms approx.

 The refreshing and pleasant environment of Neejanand Resort would surely leave a soothing effect on your senses. The food served over here, swimming pool, games and library with scenic landscapes add to the beauty of Neejanand Resort.

best places for one day picnic near ahmedabad
Image source – Neejanand

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11. Bhavna Resort and Farm

Distance from Ahmedabad: 92 kms approx.

Around two and a half to three hours from Ahmedabad, Bhavna Resort and Farm is a superb place for wildlife enthusiasts. The black buck sanctuary is readily accessible from here. October to March is the best time to visit this place. Organic food of the resort would give a “new” taste to your taste buds.

best places for one day picnic near ahmedabad
Image source – Bhavnafarm

12. Modhera Sun Temple

Distance from Ahmedabad: 102  kms approx.

This ancient sun temple at Modhera is a place that would leave you spellbound. Constructed in  1026 AD temple is located by river Pushpavati The grandeur of this temple is beyond any description.

best places for one day picnic near ahmedabad
Image source gujarattourism

You ought to visit it to experience it.

If you love one day vacation, try all these picnic spots near Ahmedabad one by one. It will surely be a wonderful day spent.