15 Best Bengali Dishes That you Must Try


Bengali food is generally synonymous with Maach and Bhat (fish and rice) or Rashagulla. But in reality Bengali food is much more than that, its vast and elaborate.  Out of the huge number of dishes that are  worth a try by every foodie, here is a list of 15 must try and the best Bengali dishes. We will start with the succulent starters and end with the best sweet dishes.

1. Shukto

A very traditional Bengali dish of mix vegetable that is simply irresistible. Made with variety of vegetables and least spices – just salt, sugar and turmeric, this dish derives its uniqueness from one particular vegetable- the bitter gourd.

The bitter taste somehow enhances the flavour of this dish. It  is  a must try as this is one of its kind dish that can be found in all authentic Bengali restaurants. Shukto is served as the first item to be eaten with rice after the starter, if any.

2. Bhetki Macher Paturi

A starter that is made of fish. The Bhetki fish is marinated in mustard paste, wrapped in a banana leaf and just baked or steamed.

best bengali dishes
Image source – Zeenews

A great dish if you are looking for something healthy and yet tasty. The banana leave used retains the flavour of the fish and the spices in a special way.

3. Dhokar Dalna

A complete vegetarian dish with no garlic and onion that is unique to Bengal. Though the making process is a bit tricky  but the end result is simply amazing.

best bengali dishes
Image source – Amchibong

Essentially “Dhoka” is bar or a cake made with a mixture of spices and  Bengal Gram paste  and dalna is a traditional Bengali gravy. This dish goes well with both stemed rice and Luchi.

4. Potoler Dolma

Potol is Pointed Gourd and Dolma means stuffed vegetable.

best bengali dishes
Image source – Indianrecipes

A very classy dish where the Pointed Gourd is stuffed with mutton keema or veg stuffing of potato or panner. This is a unique dish that tastes simply amazing.

5.  Aloo Posto

Another very traditional Bengali vegetarian dish that is made without the use of onions or garlic.

A dish made with boiled  potatoes and Poppy seeds. A very common food of every Bengali kitchen, that is easy to cook and just delicious.

6. Prawn Malai Curry

Any Bengali celebration is incomplete without this iconic Bengali dish  made with a combination of fresh prawns, cream, coconut milk and very less spices.

best bengali dishes
Image source – Youtube

This a must try for all fish and sea food lovers, a divine dish.

7. Illish Maach Bhapa

Hilsa or Illish is the top favorite fish of almost every Bengali across the globe for its taste and aroma.

best bengali dishes
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Bhapa means Steamed and in this dish no spices are used except mustard paste. Its a delicacy , a minimalist dish with really rich taste.

8. Chital Macher Muthia

Fish dumplings or fish kofta in a tasty and rich ginger- onion gravy is one of the classy and a very traditional delicacy of the Bengali cuisine.

best bengali dishes
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A must try as this dish is very different from all the kofta curries we are generally used to.

9. Doi Mach

An easy to prepare and yet lovely way to make fish. “Doi Mach” is generally prepared with either Rohu or Hilsa.

best bengali dishes
Image source – Indiamarks

A healthy and tasty dish where the  fish is steamed along with plain curd and some green chillies  and it really tastes yummy !

10. Daab Chingri

Chigri in Bengal means prawns. This is a delicacy where the prawns are cooked in mustard and served in a tender coconut.

The dish is aromatic and tasty with a subtle taste of the tender coconut seeping into it.

11. Kosha Mangsho

Kogsha mangsho is the typical spicy and rich Bengali style Mutton Curry.

best bengali dishes
Image source – Indianfoodfreak

This is a rich lamb or mutton curry that is prepared with yogurt and traditional spices. Tastes best with Luchi or steamed  rice.

12. Kolkata Biryani

Kolkata Chicken or Lamb Biryani is really a must try as it is rich in taste and flavour.

best bengali dishes
Image source – Missionsharingknowledge

A favoured dish in Kolkata this Biryani stands out as along with pieces of mutton or chicken you will find a big piece of well done potato and a boiled egg in this dish.

13. Sandesh

The most famous Bengali dessert made with milk and sugar.

best bengali dishes
Image source – Wikipedia

Come winters and along with sugar Nalen Gur is added to it that enhances is taste and aroma to a completely new level.

14. Misti Doi

A very traditional dessert that is a part of every Bengali meal.

best bengali dishes
Image source – Bengalicuisine

Yogurt made with gur or jaggerry  that melts in your mouth and tastes awesome.

15. Patishapta

Thin sweet crepes made with rice flour and semolina and stuffed with a mixture of grated coconut and jaggery.

A must try Bengali dessert prepared specially in the month of January for Sankranti.

Note: Rice – In Bengali cuisine, plain white steamed rice is the primary accompaniment to all main course dishes.  

The list delicious Bengali dishes can be endless as the street food and the snacks in Bengal are equally delicious. Snacks like Jhaal Muri , fish fry, and street food like Phucka are all time must try items. So next time you land up in West Bengal or visit any Bengali Restaurant you know what the the dishes you must try.